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Spring, Almost… March 19, 2013

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Today, Monday, is two days short of the official start of Spring.

But this is Massachusetts, where we don’t care about no stinking calendar.

So the day began with our yard threatening to “green up,” the grass nearly bare of snow.

While making breakfast, I snapped this shot of deer grazing out past our slumbering garden:

Blog White Tails

…taken through an unfortunately filthy window, as Winter tends to render them before a real Spring cleaning. I didn’t have the proper lens on hand, so this is a severe crop of a larger photo. All-in-all, I’m satisfied with the result.

I spent the bulk of the day loading split wood onto the porch in anticipation of the predicted winter storm, then bombed off to Berkshire county to deliver a framed photo to my friend Tim. I was pleased by his reception of the piece and humbled by his refusal of the Good Friend Discount.

Thanks, Tim. I’ll remember that.

On the way home the weather caught up to me, and by the time I hit Charlemont it was snowing:


We’re expecting 10″ or more, and judging by the way it’s coming down, we might not be disappointed!

Along The Road. July 14, 2011

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Today was a wild day for wildlife; I saw two bears, one while at work and one while driving this evening.

You’ll just have to trust me – I hadn’t a camera handy.  😉

Then I hit a low flying partridge (grazed a wing with my windshield, I think) but couldn’t find the bird – it looked like it flew on.  Let’s hope so.

And lastly, I spied Bambi in a newly hayed field, found a place to pull over and went back with Gizmo to try to get something to show you.

Let’s see, it was about… there!

Newly minted this Spring, and cruising the lowlands for tender nibbles.

I followed it for a while, crouched behind the guardrail, ignoring the traffic passing behind me.  It looked so innocent and elegant going about its business, foraging and grooming itself of pests:

…and look, there were two of them!

Turned out to be a very wild(life) day for a Thursday!



Some Creatures Great And Small. June 8, 2011

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Looking over my photos of the last few days, I realized I had several animal (or animal-related) shots which might work as one post, so… here goes!

A beaver lodge up in Windsor, taken the day of the big storms (sorry, no beaver today!):

Mallards on a bit of open water nearby:

While we’re in a fowl mood, a family of geese in Williamstown:

That one was taken from atop my car, with the wind gusting so hard it very nearly blew me and my tripod off!

Here’s a doe in a field in Charlemont at day’s end:

…and a sweet little guy who plopped onto the hood of my car as I was bulling through low branches on a seldom-traveled old woods road:

Surprised me, I must say!  🙂

And lastly, a digression from the “wildlife” theme but kind of a nice photo without another place to be, here’s a horse in a pasture of buttercups in Williamstown:

It sometimes seems that image-worthy scenes present themselves in thematic clusters, but I suppose it’s more a mater of keying into one aspect of my surroundings and going with that flow.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


Honey Moles* June 12, 2009

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Here are this week’s honey moles.



That’s the biggest hawk I’ve seen in a long time!


doe and fawn

A momma and baby.  They were so sweet together, grazing and nuzzling and keeping a sharp eye on me.

…and scaled:

garter snake

This little guy was camped out under my wheel barrow down by the garden.

…and that is all.  🙂

* Actually, almost all.  “Honey moles” was my dear Portuguese father-in-law’s approximation of “animals,” and has become my generic term for an assortment of critters.  It’s one of the ways I keep Fernando in my heart.

Friday Kittehz Blogging! December 5, 2008

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In a yard, at roadside, on the way home:


Just nibblin’ away the evening.

Heeeeeerr, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty… July 3, 2007

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…Oh wait, that’s not a kitty – it’s a beautiful doe I spotted on the way home from work tonight.


Got within about thirty feet of it for this photo.

I’m kinda thinking it’s God’s way of saying that the world is worth living in, even if Scooter did walk.