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Friday Kitteh Blogging! October 31, 2008

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Spot loves Duckitteh.

Spot chases Duckitteh.

Run, Spot, run!

Run, run, run!

Spot catches Duckitteh.

Hump, Spot, hump!

Hump, hump, hump!

With apologies to National Lampoon, whose early 70’s parody of Fun With Dick and Jane caught me at a particularly vulnerable moment and left me on the floor in a fetal position, drooling in silent laughter.

…and no, I wasn’t lucky enough to take that picture myself.

I’ve Been Waiting For You. October 30, 2008

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Yes, you.

All these years, lying here, thinking of you, with the weight of this earth pressing on my eyes,

Waiting for you.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it!  Wouldn’t you like to just lie down here and not get up?  To imagine the breeze, hear the rustling leaves and the rattle of the ferns far above, and never have to worry about the rain?

Yes, you would, wouldn’t you.

So come a bit closer, won’t you?

Yes, yes you will.  Slowly, through the waving ferns, you will come to me.  You won’t even remember the slippery, tottering stones, or how you got over them, or what made you stop here in the first place.

There’s only me, and your desire to be with me, to lay down and not get up.  To feel the earth cradling you, giving way, accepting your gift, swallowing you.

Come to me, O Weary Traveler.  Stop your car here, turn off the lights, Come to me.

I feel the tread of your feet, your anticipation, your trembling need.  I hear your heart quicken through the rustle of leaves, and hunger for you.

And now you’re standing over me, within my grasp, your world spinning, Heaven fading from your reality, and I promise you,

I promise as I reach through the earth toward you,

That if you don’t find another place to piss,

I’m going to come out there

And rip your dick off.

Prophetic inscription on a stone up in Hawley.

Down From The Hills. October 30, 2008

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The snow line, after a day of cold sunshine, had risen to perhaps a thousand feet.  It had largely spared the valleys, but the hills got whacked:

Hills above MCLA

Some Things Come Early. October 29, 2008

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A Moral Compass,

A Sense of Self,


And Marriage,

If You So Desire.

An October Snow,

A Reason To Stay In,

To Snuggle Up,

And To Get On

With Life.

-A blizzard blowing through scrub and trees, Florida, MA, October 29, 2008

In God’s Eyes. October 28, 2008

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My dear, dear Elder Progeny (SG1, if you’re a friend of The Pagan Sphinx) is a marvel of self direction and determination.  She has an indomitable passion, at times terrifying in its intensity, and when she wants something, she generally gets it.

So it didn’t surprise Pagan Sphinx or me when she and the Love of her Life, Shannon, announced that they planned on getting married in California right after graduation from college.  They’re so sweet and right together!

But lately, the momentum of California’s Proposition 8 had them worried that their window of opportunity was about to be slammed shut by a campaign of fear-mongering and bigotry.

So this morning at 3am they hopped a shuttle to Bradley Airport in Connecticut, caught a flight to San Francisco…

…and at 5pm Pacific time, they were married.


My Little Girl, my first-born, my tiny jewel, two little hands-full, who at a week old had eyes deep with the clarity and wisdom of the ages,  who struggled for most of her young life against seemingly insurmountable odds, who wrestled with Demons we could barely imagine, who beat them back with her bare hands and iron will, who climbed out of an abyss so deep that there were times when we could barely see her, hardly touch her, held our breath and prayed, Dear God, for her life…

…Yes, that one, who is now a beautiful young woman, finishing up a stellar career at an excellent college, and who found herself a beautiful, loving soul, a Kindred Spirit, a partner as beautiful and brilliant and brave as herself…

Meredith, I couldn’t possibly be prouder of you, or happier for you both.

May the Holy Spirits of Mother Earth, and of Father Sky, and of the God of All Love keep you safe, and strong, and together.


Postscript – I decided to take Fran up on her suggestion that I cross-post this over at Mombian, because we all need to come out about and support each other in our acceptance of Love in All Its Forms, and our rejection of the bigotry which is embodied in Proposition 8.

Another Ruby(ish) Tuesday. October 28, 2008

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A theme begun at Work of the Poet, Ruby Tuesday is a chance to show some pink.  Or red.  Or whatever passes for “Ruby” in your neck of the woods on this particular Tuesday.

I’ll confess to hoarding an occasional Ruby Thursday in case a subsequent Tuesday proves unproductive.

Like today.

So here’s my Hoarded Ruby(ish) Things.

Somebody’s Country Home:

I know, it’s cheesy for a “nature photographer” to take pictures of people’s yards.  But it was pretty.

Oak leaves, taken the day I watched the bear:

Not the most Rubylicious of Rubys, but having at least some Rubosity.

Somewhat Rubose, if you will.


Oh, and some Truly Ruby berries along a road cut, whose leaves had turned inexplicably purple:

That’s all I got.  See ya next week.

BTW, I got hooked into this through The Pagan Sphinx.  Thanks, P.S.!

Fire In The Sky! October 27, 2008

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It was a gray day today, leaden even, and damp, with only the most occasional thinning of clouds revealing a backdrop of blue.

On the ride home it was apparent that it had already rained in places:

…and my Shutter Finger started to twitch when an errant sliver of sunlight illuminated a field off to my left.

“What if,” I thought, “it opens up a bit more as sunset approaches?”

So I hung a left and climbed a steep dirt single-track to a high meadow I know, and waited.

Parked and watching, it became clear that he pewter sky was constructed of layers moving in opposite directions, and that the lower gray level was indeed thinning, revealing a sea of flaming cirrus clouds:

And for about two minutes as the sun disappeared, the sky was a riot:


Dinner With TCR. October 27, 2008

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That darned garden – just can’t seem to eat it all!

Tonight, my Penultimate Summer Squash joins some of my red onions and half of my remaining dried fiddle heads in a bath of chicken broth.

Oh, and a double handful of Death Trumpets I picked this summer, also dried and in my freezer:

Served over egg noodles:


Say Buh-Bye! October 27, 2008

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Rain, wind and snow predicted for the next few days, with accumulations at higher elevations, and at least a cameo appearance in the valleys.

So it’s “Buh-Bye” to this:

…and “Hello” to this:

Hey, at least I won’t have to rake it!  😉

Close Encounters Of The Furred Kind. October 26, 2008

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[I just changed the post title – don’t know how I came so close and didn’t see that one!]

Took a walk today, out to the Raycroft Overlook, of course with camera in tow.

Well a hundred yards from the van, I heard something in the woods to my left, and stopped.

There it was – a big ol’ bear.  Evident only as patches of black appearing and disappearing in the thick brush to my left:

That black patch in the middle of the photo is the bear.

Yeah, I know, that’s feeble.  I thought of trying to sneak up on him, but then I remembered what Momma done tol’ me.

So I watched it from fifty feet away for about fifteen minutes, ’till the wind shifted and he caught my scent:

He stood up, snuffled the air for a bit, then ambled off down over the drop.  I thought about following him, for about two point three seconds.  But I chose life.