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A Hawk In Amherst. March 28, 2012

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Making a turn from the State road onto the secondary (or is it tertiary?) road leading to Amherst, I saw a hawk in a tree, found a place to turn around, and went back to try to get a photo.

Well, of course, Hawk wasn’t giving it away, and so flew off to a less visible spot in the edge of the woods.  But it was close enough to the road to get this look at it:

I took a few shots before making myself obvious enough to get Hawk to move to where he was a bit easier to see:

…and eventually Hawk flew off:

…and I drove on.

The Quick, The Slow and The Tiny. August 12, 2011

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The Quick:

…The Slow:

…and The Tiny:

Aphids on a milkweed plant.  Creepy if you’re a plant.

Some fellow travelers to break my e-fast.

Honey Moles* June 12, 2009

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Here are this week’s honey moles.



That’s the biggest hawk I’ve seen in a long time!


doe and fawn

A momma and baby.  They were so sweet together, grazing and nuzzling and keeping a sharp eye on me.

…and scaled:

garter snake

This little guy was camped out under my wheel barrow down by the garden.

…and that is all.  🙂

* Actually, almost all.  “Honey moles” was my dear Portuguese father-in-law’s approximation of “animals,” and has become my generic term for an assortment of critters.  It’s one of the ways I keep Fernando in my heart.

A Blue Sky Day. April 14, 2009

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Today was fair, warm and  breezy, feeling a bit more like Spring than it has in a week:


It looked like it, too:

colt'sfoot butterfly

Small critters stirred as hawks eyed them with terminal intent:

who's this?

When the wind finally died down, still ponds repeated the scene with startling clarity:

birch reflection

…as a mallard and his mate sunned and preened:

two ducks

Finally, high clouds slipped in as the day ended, bathing upcountry farms in a warm light:

farm with horse at sunset

All in all, it was a relaxing drive home from a good day’s work.

Friday Kittehz Hunting Blogging! July 11, 2008

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Derr Kitteh,

Remember those little bluebirds you chowed last weekend?

Well Common Wisdom has it that payback’s a bitch, and I have it on good authority that Big Birder is watching you:

If I were you, I’d stay close to the shrubbery, with an eye on the sky.

Taken in dense suburbia, overlooking someone’s front yard on a very busy street. This is one hungry hunk o’ payback!