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Water, Water Everywhere! March 31, 2010

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Heavy rains on top of Spring frost-out means high water levels in our local rivers.  The Deerfield has breached its banks:

…and riverside properties are at peril:

Both of these shots were taken in the center of my town, Charlemont.

Of course, “everywhere” by definition includes the cellar here at the Rolling J Farm:

That’s about two feet of water, enough to submerge and disable our water pump, electric water heater and oil burner/furnace.  I was obliged to take the day off from work to work on getting a pump going and trying to dry things out.

**Update – We have running water and the water heater has been resurrected, though our heating system is down for the count.  More to follow as our efforts continue.

Ruby Tuesday – Back At The Falls. March 29, 2010

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It’s officially Spring, and the Deerfield River is cresting the dam at Salmon Falls, down in the center of the village of Shelburne Falls, MA.  It’s a mesmerizing sight, sonically overwhelming and totally humbling to a mere mortal:

The glassblower’s shop provides just enough rubiliciousness to allow me to sneak this one into this meme.

Farther up the hill, the Shelburne Free Public Library radiates yet more Ruby into the cosmos:

The Falls may have been taking liberties with “the ruby thing,” but this one hits that nail more squarely on the head.  🙂

For more Random Rubiage visit Mary over at Work of the Poet!

Because They’re Beautiful. March 28, 2010

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A tulip for you all:


Images From My Weekend. March 28, 2010

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…Much of which was imminently forgettable, but some of which might be deemed shareable.

Mount Monadnock in southern New Hampshire, from a hillside close to home:

This lone peak has spawned the geologic term of “monadnock,” referring to a roche moutonee separate from other highlands.

That one’s courtesy of Gizmo, my 400mm L-series lens.

Salmon Falls, the geologic centerpiece of the village of Shelburne Falls:

…and a close-up of what’s happening down where the action is:

I like that one.

And lastly, a shot of the near-full moon captured against a furiously unfurling flag on Poet’s Seat Tower in Greenfield:

Other weekend sights might appear in future posts, but this is what I have for now.

March Waxing Gibbous. March 26, 2010

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Between periods of foul weather and moonly vapidity there sit a few days, weather willing, of gazing in wonder at the waxing gibbous moon, with its long shadows and bright peaks.

Here’s a view of said orb:

…juxtaposed against a big spruce in upper Florida.  Gizmo’s pathetic depth of field ought to be forgiven, given its adherence to its mission of bringing the distant near.

Such are the limitations of long lenses, and the products of their particular parameters.

In The Dooryard. March 26, 2010

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One of the first signs of Spring in these parts is the appearance of crocuses.  They peek through the waning snow, dotting the landscape with the first hints of the color to come.

In our dooryard:

These little beauties will succumb to the coming cold nights, but their slight cousins will show their lovely heads during the next warm spell, which we trust will be upon us sooner rather than later.

Viva la Spring!

Changing Seasons. March 23, 2010

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Between the snows of Winter and the blossoms of Spring sets the season of Mud, with its gray skies and awakening pallette.

Receding snows reveal last season’s corn stubble:

A horse roots for green shoots on a southern Vermont farm:

…and a patch of moss springs to life in the first warm days of the season:

It’s not fully here yet, but it’s coming.

Ruby Tulip Tuesday! March 22, 2010

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Here’s a detail of a tulip at the Smith Bulb Show which might pass for a “Ruby Tuesday” shot:

I found this floral impression of flames fascinating!

For more Rubilicious photos, visit Mary over at Work of the Poet.  🙂

An Inexpensive Date! March 21, 2010

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On Friday it was $2 apiece to get into the bulb show, and Susan was in heaven.

On Saturday it was a walk up a dirt road and through unsigned pastures and farm lots, which undercut Friday’s extravagance by, um, $2 apiece, and Susan was again ecstatic.

I am such a lucky guy!

Behind an old metal-roofed barn we found an extremely roughly hewn three inch “washer,” torch-cut from plate steel, and an old rusted cotter pin, both of which will likely find their way into Susan’s collages of Found Object Art.  Then, rounding a corner, we came face to face with The Locals, who seemed baffled by our presence, giving us the “Whatchoo Lookin’ At” eye:

We were, in fact, looking at an old International Harvester farm truck, dazed by a konk on the noggin from a falling tree but, judging by her tires, far from dead:

I thought the black and white rendition afforded the old gal the dignity she deserved.

Susan, bless her impish heart, seemed to think this was great fun!

Farther up in the pastures, while enjoying a spectacular view, she found a large bone.  It was a sun-bleached bovine scapula, a gift which had her all but dancing in the fields.

Did I mention that I’m a lucky guy?


Welcoming Spring At The Smith College Bulb Show. March 20, 2010

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On the cusp of Spring, Susan and I spent last evening amidst a blur of color and fragrances at the Smith College greenhouses.  The draw was a pair of rooms filled with forced bulbs, their blossoming choreographed to provide a visual feast for those who came to see them.

Entering the show:

…and some details from the evening:






…and finally,

By the time you see these, it will be Spring.