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Ruby Tuesday – On The Farm! November 30, 2009

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One season ends and another begins as our Tilted World hurtles along its path around the sun.  The harvest is in, and it’s time to turn the standing corn stalks into silage.

Meet Massey Ferguson, or “M.F.” as the corn snidely refers to him:

By the looks of ol’ Massey, he’s earned their enmity over many a season.

This shot was taken around 4pm, as the shadows lengthened and the temperature dropped into Sweatersville.  Soon the barn lights will come on; a farmer’s day is longer than we now have light for:

The (extended) Thanksgiving season is a fitting time to remember the folks who make it all possible by rising early and gettin’ back in late so we don’t have to.

Thanks, folks.

And thanks also to Mary over at Work of the Poet for hosting this Ruby meme!


The Buckland Side. November 30, 2009

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…of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts:

…on a recently rare calm night.

I hope you like it.


Swing. November 30, 2009

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Over the Connecticut river, on the fringe of Northampton:

…with a waxing gibbous moon:

These were taken with my Canon Powershot Pro I, which has proven to be a dependable little point-and-shoot.


Monroe Bridge. November 28, 2009

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An image I’ve posted before, but as the atmospheric conditions change, so changes the view.

Today’s view:

I liked this one, the ship-wreck quality of the old factory building juxtaposed against the unpopulated valley.

This is my Deerfield.  I’m kinda fond of it.

Moonlight Madness In Shelburne Falls. November 27, 2009

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“Black Friday” to the rest of the world, the Friday after Thanksgiving is “Moonlight Madness” to us locals, even if it’s misting and windy.

A few shots from tonight:

Bridge street, closed to traffic but open for a party:

Booths of stuff for sale in the brisk breeze:

Knots of people gathering against the wind:

I got the hell out of there, by way of the iron bridge running along side the unblossomed but illuminated Bridge of Flowers:

I didn’t spend a dime, but I came back with my eyes and arms full.

It’s what I saw, and it’s what I got.



Ruby Tuesday – Wild Strawberries! November 23, 2009

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In November???

Well, actually, it’s wild strawberry leaves,  turned autumn red ruby and here festooned with the remnants of the morning’s frost:

I liked the way each of the leave’s tiny, hair-like spines had captured its own accumulation of atmospheric rime.

This was taken at about ten AM in the deep shade of a stand of firs, and the crystal structures were becoming indistinct as the day warmed.  I bet it was really good a couple of hours earlier!

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for hosting this rubilicious meme.  Go visit her for more rubiliciousness!

When All Else Fails… November 22, 2009

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…Throw ’em another sunset:

This one’s “good from far, but far from good” – this shot benefits greatly from its reduced size.  But hey, the real thing was cool, and this is what I was able to snag of it, hand-held at two seconds against my car window.


Dinner With TCR – Trout du Jour! November 21, 2009

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Got a surprise today, a gift from the project engineer, who had availed himself of a few free minutes before work to snag a fine rainbow trout.  He not only landed it, he gutted and chilled it as well.

I like a man who takes care of business.

Anyway, I’m not really this guy’s tight buddy, so the fact that he offered me his morning catch suggested that everybody else had already said “no.”

I said yes.  Hey, WTF, fresh trout??  I think I can live with it!!

And besides. I’d been eating in a much too pedestrian mode in recent days, and needed to class up my culinary act.  A little trout in the mix seemed unlikely to cheapen my neighborhood.

So I assembled a saute: trout, tomato, red onion and cilantro

…done up in olive oil and lime juice, with virtually no other spices, as I can’t find the pepper grinder here and haven’t the heart to take my own from home:

It came out really guuud!

Anyway, it’s been a while since I shared my dinner, which my Christian up-bringing taught me was right, so I’m atoning right here and now.

Bon appetite!

A Crack In The Night. November 21, 2009

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The Earth turns, the sun recedes and the blanket of night descends

like the closing of a coffin lid.

Light and dark, night and day, black and white, right and wrong, alive, dead, pretending.

It’s all relative, isn’t it?

Frost. November 20, 2009

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In this case, mid-morning frost on a carpet of moss in a field where I’m currently working.  The shade of a stand of fir trees kept the frost in place until coffee break, when I gathered my kit and dashed out into the scrub to snag a couple of photos.

I’m glad I did, even though they were quite rushed.

Moss, supporting a sprawl of wild strawberries:

…and a closer shot of strawberry plants gone red as the freeze comes on:

The full-sized versions of these two photos display the temporal layering of successive ice deposits as what looks here to be chunks of Morton salt.  But trust me, it’s good ol’ H2O.

These come our way courtesy of Ziggy, my 50mm Sigma prime lens.