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Things To Do: May 31, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.

1) Take a dump. *

2) Get my lacinato kale into the garden, and hope Chucky doesn’t notice.

3) Get back down to Greenfield to make nice with the Anti-Antis again. I got my printer working, so I’ll have a handout of some “educational resources” for The Men (thanks for your many fine suggestions, My Angels!)

4) Get down to the local Salvation Army to see if I can find some $5 jeans (probably in the boys’ section, ’cause the 28/30s aren’t all that manly 😆 )

5) Pray for rain. The garden needs it, and I could dig a misty landscape photo shoot this afternoon.

6) Hit the laundromat. Either that, or start turning some of my old underwear inside out…

J/K, Folks 😉 It’s never quite come to that at Chez Runt!

* I always start my “To Do” lists with something easy and quick, even if it’s “make a to-do list,” so I can be a hero and cross at least one thing off right away. So ‘scuse me, I gotta see a man about a horse…

Dinner With TCR May 31, 2008

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OK, enough of the socio-political stuff – it’s time for dinner!

Tonight, some fresh Spinach and Roasted Garlic Raviolis, topped with a Hot Sopressata and Ramp Cream Sauce, and served with a side of wilted organic baby spinach and red Cerignola olives:


UPDATE: This tasty dish got stuck in WordPress’ craw ’till this morning, so “tonight” looks a little goofy up there. Musta been one of those unpitted olives…

Friday Kitteh Blogging! May 30, 2008

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Back again, after mistaking some other questionable forms of life for Teh Wondruz Furballz, is the indefatigable KITTEHZ!


I Do NOT Support Our Troops. May 27, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, Politics and Society.

Yeah, I know. I’m askin’ for it here.

But I don’t. And I’m tired of mouthing the platitudes, for fear of being branded “unpatriotic,” or hell, a Goddam Traitor.

Yesterday was Memorial Day, where we all get weepy and thank The Dead for their Great Sacrifice in Service to Freedom.

Well, I did that, but it just didn’t feel right.

So here’s what I think, and you can take it or leave it, you can love me for it or hate my guts and wish me dead. It’s not that I don’t care; it’s that I’m done kissing asses in the hope that I’ll get a nice pat on the head.

Today’s soldiers are, to my mind, of two types: the Guard and Reserve folks who signed up to spend one weekend a month playing soldier, both for the bennies they were promised and for the chance to make a difference, to stack sandbags when the rivers flood, to respond to emergencies on a State-wide level.

And here they are, deployed into a desert half-way around the world, riding around in poorly armored vehicles waiting to get blown up, sleeping in their body armor even in the “Green Zone,” while their spouses struggle to raise their kids alone, unable to pay their bills, meet their mortgage, , being foreclosed on, filing for divorce, desperate for someone, anyone, to help them make a life and raise their kids.

And then there are the eager, fresh-faced young Recruits, seduced by promises of adventure, job security, bennies up the wazzoo, and trained to kill first and ask questions later, to dehumanize the Fucking Sand Niggers who surround them, to Follow Orders just like they did at Mai Lai.

And I do not, will not, cannot support this. It’s murder, wrapped in a flag, and as often as not, carrying a cross.

Two incidents precipitated this unseemly rant. The first was an encounter Across From The Common with a young woman who was a veteran of the Iraq fiasco, and was so gung-ho to get back there, she held up traffic to express her disdain for the “idiots” who were protesting on the common.

The second was my visit to Dusty’s Blog, where I got to view a sentimental country song about a dead guy who had “made the grade” by earning his angel’s wings on a one-way trip to Arlington National Cemetery.

It’s not that dying for something you believe in isn’t a noble end. It’s that dying for a lie is a crime and a shame, and taking innocent people with you is a War Crime and a God Damned shame.

Trace Adkins’ sentimental heart-breaker neglects to mention the 600,000 civilians we’ve either killed or allowed to be killed in this war waged for the profit of the Filthy Fucking Rich.

“There’s a big White House sits on a hill just up the road,

The Man inside, he cried the day they brought me home…”

No Trace, he didn’t. You didn’t die for my Freedom, you died to fatten the coffers of his Oil Buddies, and he doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass about your sacrifice or the family you left behind. And rather than crying for your passing or respecting it in the least little way, he pulled a big fat curtain across the screen so nobody would notice that you’d died to fatten his stock portfolio.

I don’t support our troops. I don’t support what they’re doing, and I object strenuously (for all the good it does me) to paying for their illegal, immoral campaign against the people of the Oil Bearing Regions in support of the hegemony of the Filthy Fucking Rich.

But what about our Poor Children In Uniform, you might ask?

Well hey, we’re all shaped by the bullshit we’re surrounded by, but we don’t all take the bait, do we? We know that child rapists were most often fucked up the ass when they were nine, but we expect them to own their actions in the here and now, don’t we?

We can’t train our children to kill, then expect them not to become killers.

WE have to own what we’re asking our young people to do. And we have to apply ourselves whole-heartedly to defunding this mission if it isn’t what we want to see happen.

Write, talk, act.

Get visible.



High Atop A Roadcut… May 26, 2008

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…along the road to Zoar, I spied a bloom of columbines, glinting redly in the afternoon sun.

“Yeah,” I thought. “I want pictures of that!”

So home I flew and back, returning with an extension ladder. Ten minutes of relocating roadside rocks created a space where I could pull The Runtmobile in tight to the schist escarpment, close enough to erect the extension ladder on my roof-rack. Then, with my camera and trick tripod slung over my shoulder, I approached my prey.

It was a feat nearly worthy of Cirque Du Soleil, OSHA Unapproved, complete with a cameo appearance by our local Officer Obie (whom I dazzled with bulllshit and sent packing, shaking his head and muttering audibly as he drove away.)

The day’s haul included a handful of shots of reds, the best of which was this one:

And this close-up of a much less common white columbine:

Unfortunately a stiff breeze foiled my attempts at nice, crisp images, and most of the rest of the shots were junk.

Oh, except for this cute little heart of a leaf, less than an eighth of an inch across:

I’m pretty sure it’s a baby columbine seedling. But regardless, it was low and stout enough to stand still for me while Mom and Dad cavorted in the breeze.

Thanks, Little Feller!

Anti-Anti-War-Protest Protest, Part II May 25, 2008

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So another Saturday came and went, and with it, the Anti-War protest on the Greenfield common.

And along with that, the response from the ideological opposition, camped out across the street on the sterile concrete sidewalk in front of a bank, the irony of which was not lost on beatgrl.

And as it happened, the pro-war saber-rattling this week was particularly feeble, being expressed as it was by two Genuine ‘Mericans® and ten or so five gallon pails of sand holding incendiary signs, the latter group of which seeming to be somewhat lacking in the requisite enthusiasm one might wish for if one is going to make an impact in the deep-blue backwaters of decidedly blue Massachusetts.

And so, after a hearty round of manhugs on the common, I headed over to offer a bit of moral support to the two guys and ten sand-buckets who had given up a portion of this beautiful Saturday to try, as they saw it, to make the world a better and safer place.

I connected first with the organizer of the anti-anti’s, whose name presently eludes me.

Yeah, I took it over the edge in the 70’s. And I have to admit that I’m paying for it now.

Anyway, The Man and I talked about the weather for a bit, then got down to brass tacks.

“I’m really grateful that you have the courage of your convictions to be here week after week, supporting your point of view. But I’m concerned that you may not be operating on the same information that we Peace People are operating on.”

Blank stare.

“I’m sure you have some reason to believe what you believe. Do you ever go ‘on line’ to find information, and can you maybe share some links with me to get me up to speed on why you believe what you do?”


“I don’t do that.”

“Oh” says I. “Then how do you get the information to back what you believe?”

“I read a lot.”

And he pointed me to a book I’d never heard of, written by a retired General whom I’d never heard of, which assured it’s readers that Al Qaida was indeed based in Iraq and had been supported by Saddam Husein.

Contrary to everything our own administration has been able to discern, despite their best efforts.

I proffered that a lack of real information was causing a lot of well-meaning Republican-Americans to believe things which weren’t true; he countered that “You Lefties” were blissfully ignorant of the facts of the matter.

Like, for instance, that American troops had so far found over fifty of Saddam’s nuclear weapons…

And now it was MY turn to blink, stagger backward from the abyss which separated us.

But you know, he reads a lot. And I don’t. So maybe I missed something along the way.

But I have to wonder – if we’d found ANY “nucular weppinz,” wouldn’t this (mis)administration be crowing and strutting like drunken frat boys, instead of positing that they’d been “misled by faulty intelligence?”

So as a sort of “Question Of The Day,” I’m asking you, just how many nucular weppinz did we find while I was out picking flowers?

And for ten bonus points, what might I say to this guy to get him to question his absurd assertion? Have you any references to weapons inspectors’ reports and suchlike which I might point him at?

Thanks in advance for helping me with this; I’m a bit dazed by the informational divide.

Dinner With TCR. May 24, 2008

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It’s a beautiful Spring evening. The light exits stage west, the baby-pink-and-blue sky fades to gray, the new leaves tremble in a cool breeze. An occasional car hisses past, the swell of it’s passing taking bits of me away on a Doppler ride into the nascent night.

Tonight’s feature is Chicken Alone, an amalgam of Middle Eastern Marinade and deep longing, with the gas grill blustering and billowing savory smoke as I spoon on a mixture of marinated garlic and Extra Virgin olive oil. Bursts of flame rise into the deepening night like prayer flags fluttering in a futile wind, and I quickly close the lid, marrying the memories and the marinade ’till the juices run clear and sweet.

Mere minutes later, a mountain of baby spinach is heaped on top; yes, I’m grilling spinach, and a small jar of roasted red peppers, juice and all, and the rest of the marinade, the lot of them protesting the flames even as they soften, become tender, become one.

I used to live for the sharing of these meals, the shudder of pleasure as the first mouthful hit its mark, eyes closing, neck elongating to slowly swallow my offering, a low moan attesting to the rightness of it all.

Tonight, in the stillness of night, at a table for one, it needs just a subtle, simple something…

A spritz of salt falls from my lower lashes,

And Dinner is Served.


After The Rain. May 23, 2008

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A week of cold drizzle and occasional sleet (!) has ended, or at least is transitioning into a weekend of something more people-friendly:

The Green People thank Father Sky for the gift of His rain.

Tomorrow they will receive the gift of His sun.


I Can Haz Friday Kittehz! May 23, 2008

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Olive Teh Kittehz!





LlamaKitteh loves to have her nose scratched.  Good kitteh!

All Gawd’s kittehz got soul.

Love your kittehz!

Calling All Angels May 20, 2008

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Because I need your help.

I’ve engaged a small troop of guys who see things very differently from you and me, and I think it’s because they’re operating in a different paradigm. They know, or at least believe, something different from what you and I know and believe.

And to some degree, I think they’re lacking information. Because you know, they seemed like decent people, deeply concerned about the future of their families and our Country.

So I’m digging deeply to find informative, progressive, non-inflammatory sources of The Truth ( as I see it) which I can share with these guys, to maybe help them see things more nearly as I do, as you do, as we believe it to be.

So who can you point us to, sources of progressive thinking, hyperbole free, insult free, without snark, without condescension, something an other-minded individual can read and digest without choking on it?

Because these guys are patriots, Americans, and our neighbors. And they’re trying to do right by their families, their neighbors, them selves.

Can we help them to see what we understand?

Link me to any Truth you can think of which doesn’t disrespect these people’s reality, so I’ll have something more to share with them this Saturday than my own biased understanding of How It Is.

I know it won’t be easy; I’ve eliminated most of my favorite links because, I’m sorry to say, they fail the “neutrality test.” My blog-o-hood is pretty fired up, and not necessarily receptive or kind to differing viewpoints.

Do we need to rethink this approach in order to reach others who aren’t yet seeing it our way?

I know, it’s complicated and difficult. That’s why I can’t do it alone.

So link me to your best Velvet Shots and wish me luck. I’m SO not a natural born diplomat, being most commonly a snarling little prick, but this seems important enough to warrant trying to get beyond that.

I’m hereby officially calling all my blog-friends to make an effort on behalf of this project: