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The Last Ruby Tuesday Of 2008! December 29, 2008

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…on a Monday night, no less, ’cause tomorrow is likely to be laundry night, and I might not get to it ’till you kiddles are all asleep!

Anyway, a country shed:


That’s Ruby, right?

And a Ruboid barn door, displaying a bit of Farm Humor:


And, um, let’s see…  how about a Berkshire Bomb Shelter?


Not too many of those around these days!   I wonder how they charge it…

And I’ll end this as we’ll all end this, with a visit with Uncle Dirtnap:


That’s the little cemetery up at Puddin’ Holler.  They’ve got a great view of Eternity from up there.

Thanks to Mary at Work Of The Poet for this cool little meme!

Not To Keep Sylvia Waiting… December 28, 2008

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I mentioned in the last post that I’d given up on my search for landscape photo opportunities around noon today, opting instead to come home, debone the turkey and consolidate the leftovers from yesterday’s Holiday meal.

Hey, I’m not made of gas, you know!

So I did that, punctuated with doing an on-line weather watch, and being satisfied by the forecast of thickening clouds.  I was glad to not have squandered an afternoon driving around when I should have been doing house chores.

Then, a little after four, the cloud cover cracked, and the western sky resolved into a riot of pink and  fuschia puffs separated by  coronas of fire-pit orange.

I drew a blind so my daughter could see the show, and all the while I lamented my lack of prescience, noting that by the time I’d gotten dressed and out to a clear vantage point, it would doubtless be too late.   As if to illustrate my point, the spectacle on the western horizon diffused into nondescript bands of orange, and I closed the blind in resignation.

Back in the kitchen, my south-facing window was aglow, and one quick look caused me to dive for my camera, crank it up to ISO 3200 and lean against the cleanest piece of glass I could find on short notice.

It wasn’t very clean, and adding the low, scuttling clouds and branches in the foreground, the result will never be in a calendar, but you get the picture:


It was an OK consolation prize for a guy standing in his kitchen in his long johns.  🙂

Playing In The Rain. December 28, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

This has been a mostly cloudy day.  There was no discernible sunrise, and the constant dripping outside my bedroom window cocooned me against the sounds of the day.

I stirred slowly and rose late, brewed a pot and contemplated the ubiquitous grayness outside:


But then, a thinning of the clouds revealed a filtered disk of sun, and I cursed my sloth to be lounging around the house as the light was becoming right!  I dressed and headed out.

The thinning of the river valley clouds coincided with a brief break in the day’s general overcast, and I caught a glimpse of blue hovering above the deeply shaded landscape:


But that closed up as the valley fogs retreated, leaving me wandering around the hill roads under a mottled gray pall:


The weather’s return to drizzle led me to return to a simpler palate, verging on shades of gray, but finding a slight touch of color to add depth and differentiation to the fog and forrest:


By noon I was back home, a bit discouraged by my haul, but unwilling to pump carbon into the atmosphere for four more hours in the faint hope that things would open up toward sunset.

I should have kept my pants on, but that’s another post.

A Second Christmas At Chez Runt. December 27, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.

[Update – I fixed the Robert Tiso link.]

I had the pleasure of two Christmases this year, the first being a Christmas Eve celebration at Frau B and Miz Lu’s house, with oysters, Champagne and the dulcet tones of Mojo Nixon’s seasonal classic, “Happy Horny Holidays!” That culminated in a sleep-over under a ‘Lechic Binkie.

Today I had Christmas Number Two, a Gift-Free Event which would have made Reverend Billy proud.  My daughters came over with their Mom, The Pagan Sphinx, and my Big Brother joined us as well, for a Pseudo-Traditional Meal of turkey and dressing and assorted fixin’s.

‘Twas Guuud!

We talked and ate the afternoon away, with the conversation generally weaving a thread around the life and legacy of Jesus of Nazareth.  I think it’s safe to say that all of us who were present are big fans of that man, and were happy to pay small homage to him with this humble gathering.

While the turkey and root crops were in the oven, I had to run out for a few things; but as it was raining, and consequently butt-ugly out, I haven’t got any fresh photos for you.  I did, however, find this bit of seasonal music which lifted my heart:

Robert Tiso, a classical musician from Bologna, Italy.

It made me think of some special folks who are spending what is likely to be their last Holiday Season in their present home, due in no small measure to the fiscal situation this country presently finds itself in.

They’re so not alone in that, and I think that’s a reality which should never be far from our hearts and minds as we enjoy whatever we have in this season of compassion and light.

I’ve gotten hugs today from everyone I truly love (who isn’t far away) and my belly is full, and for this I’m grateful.  I hope your Holidays went that well.

Peace, Out.

Last Light. December 26, 2008

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So the sun went down, and the clouds went pink, and the forests turned black:


I liked it enough to take this picture.

A Blue Christmas. December 26, 2008

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It seemed appropriate for this time of year to go looking for the light, and I did.

I drove a good bit this afternoon, and had the roads virtually to myself.  Even when turning around to revisit a view which I’d just passed, the driveways I used seemed untraversed.

It was a pretty solitary experience, and entirely of my choosing.  I’ve just been feeling that way, except for a Christmas Eve spent in the company of Frau B and Miz Lu, and culminating in a sleep-over.

I gotta say, Jesus loves an electric blanket, and who am I to argue?..?

Anyway, I slept late,  rose to an excellent cup of coffee, hugged my hostesses and headed out with my camera, as is my wont.

The most savable image of the afternoon is this:


There was a layering of light here which doesn’t quite translate onto this kind of page, but also a blueness in the air, which I thought odd for a Christmas Day.

Happy Birthday, Dude! December 25, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.

We all have heroes.

Mine are beyond counting, and include members of my family living and dead, people I learned about in school, thinkers, authors, philosophers, sages of ages past and visionaries who foresaw the future.

And chief among them is Jesus of Nazareth, a guy born over two thousand years ago, who to this day shapes the attitudes and actions of hunderds of millions of people world wide.

That’s pretty cool.

So, what exactly did Jesus of Nazareth do to earn the status of Uber-Hero?

Plenty, as I see it.  He spoke Truth to Power.  He defended the poor, the voiceless, the ill-treated sinners who were doing their insufficient best.  He represented you and me in a way which hadn’t been seen before, and has seldom been replicated.

And he reinterpreted God for the people of his day, reading the tales of a vengeful, wrath-filled deity and birthing a vision of love and forgiveness, humility and mutual respect.

I’m inclined to see it like that, to embrace His interpretation of the world we all share, and to wish for and work toward a future where love rules, and forgiveness triumphs over vengeance.

Thanks, Jesus of Nazareth, for showing us how it’s done, even in the face of State-sponsored censorship, even at the cost of your own Earthly life.  You walked that walk, and you set the bar plenty high.

And while historians might quibble about your actual birth date, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’d be well served in celebrating your birth and life, and today is as good a day as any to remember your teachings.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Then One Foggy Christmas Eve… December 24, 2008

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As if I haven’t denigrated the Sacred Legend of Rudolph enough!

Still, we have rain and warm air moving over the copious snows of these past few days, and the result has been lots of fog, much of it atmospheric rather than ground-level.

It looks like this:


…except, of course, that your eyes aren’t working at ISO 3200, so you would see something much more vivid and creamy than this.

But such are the vagaries of hand-held photography in low light, and such are the miracles of digital photography that Humble Me can actually capture such a thing to share with you.

Here’s the Cold River, draped in snow and mist, on this Christmas Eve:


It’s an image some of my “regulars” will recognize, as it’s embarrasingly accessable and has graced this page in all seasons and lights.

Oh, and speaking of which, just in case I don’t make it back here tomorrow, here’s wishing you all the most Joy and Happiness in this Season of Light.  You’re why I bother, really.  Thank You.

Ruby-ish. December 23, 2008

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Subdued by swirling snow.

Ashfield Town Hall:


A Barn in Buckland:


And a peaceful Ruby Tuesday to you.

There Are Two Sides to Every Story. December 22, 2008

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And sometimes it seems we only get to hear one.

So here’s an alternate reality to, um, broaden your Holiday palates!

Raging Rudolph: