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Testing, One, Two… April 28, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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Hello, …hello? …Is this thing on? OK.

Ahem. Hello, and welcome to my Blog, taking shape before your eyes, albeit at the Speed Of Dark.

Over the next, um, eternity I hope to talk about Religion, Politics and Sex (I know, you’re tearing up my dinner invite at this very moment,) and share some of my passions including music, photography, climbing, and testing God’s patience by eating things I find in the woods.

In order to avoid getting anyone’s panties in a bunch I’ll start with a li’l disclaimer: I AM NOT “PC,” despite being politically left-leaning and socially progressive (well, most of the time…) I’m a pretty straight shooter, and can be blunt and abrasive. If I go off on King George The Lesser and start flingin’ F-bombs, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Speaking of which, why is that asshole still pResident??? I mean, he lied to the American people and to Congress in his State o’ The Union addresses, had his Boy Colin lie to the U.N. General Assembly, was shown to have been AWOL for most of his non-service in the TexAss National Guard, populated his bloated bureaucracy with incompetent meat-whistles, scrapped important international treaties, prosecuted a War of Aggression against a sovereign nation, kidnapped foreign nationals in other countries, approved torture for prisoners in American custody, wire-tapped citizens without court approval and caused or facilitated the murders of well over a hundred thousand innocent people in Iraq.

Let’s see, am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah, he’s too fucking stupid to pronounce “nuclear” correctly. It’s nu’-cle-ar, George. NU’-CLE-AR.

So what’s a guy got to do to get impeached around here, get head from a fat girl???

Talk amongst yerselves, I gotta go lie down.