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Roadside Jewels August 30, 2007

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These little guys were growing in profusion along local roads this Spring:


Don’t know what they’re called, but they were very small and very beautiful.

The End Of August August 29, 2007

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Junior heads for deep, green water after leaping Sleeping Beauty on the upper right.


Cheap party trick. But I wouldn’t do it.

Tranquility. August 29, 2007

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There’s something about a big stone.


Is it the geometry, the gravitas, the improbability of it existing where it exists?

The import of the natural world astounds me.

Thank You, Mother Earth.

Purity. August 29, 2007

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A tangled innocence, a simplicity of purpose.


This incredibly beautiful and fragile plant crumbles beneath the feet of walkers unaware.

Be Aware.

Hens And Chicks Revisited August 29, 2007

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I didn’t know they did this:


Them’s some very expressive flowers. How could I have not noticed these surreal beauties earlier?

This is in the dooryard of the Rolling J Farm. One of many wonders!

Making The Most Of A Cool, Dry Day. August 29, 2007

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In the high country of Monroe, where it’s always 10 degrees cooler.


With the road closed due to a busted bridge and the sound of the waterfall over my shoulder, it was good.

HELLLLLP! August 26, 2007

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I’m buried under tomatoes!


I’ve been driving around with my passenger seat covered with ’em and giving them away to anybody who has the misfortune of crossing my path.

Wish you were here 🙂 !

Speaking Truth To Power August 24, 2007

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Most of you who come here and humor me as I spout my ill-informed pissant drivel are far ahead of me on the front of communicating your desires, nay, your demands to your governmental representatives. This no doubt includes signing various petitions to have your local Pols redress the foibles and failings of our mid-level government in applying the Rule of Law to our National Misleaders.

Well, one of the petitions I signed along the way apparently generated a “response” from my Congressman John Olver, a gentleman who has represented our district well and fairly for lo these many years, and who I generally hold in high regard.

The good news is that I got a response.

The bad news is that it was bullshit (skip to the bottom if I’m boring you):

ᅠThank you for contacting me with your support for the impeachment of President
George W. Bush and/or Vice President Richard B. Cheney.ᅠ
I appreciate learning your views.ᅠ
In 2002, I voted against the resolution to use military force against Iraq because I
did not believe that President Bush presented ample evidence that Iraq posed a
threat to our nation's security.ᅠ
It has now become clear that Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction and
that the Bush Administration manipulated intelligence to gain support for the
war.During the 109th Congress, I cosponsored H.Res.635, a resolution that would have
created a select committee to investigate the Administration's intent to go to war
before congressional authorization, manipulation of prewar intelligence, encouraging
and countenancing torture, retaliating against critics, and to make recommendations
regarding grounds for possible impeachment.ᅠ
H.Res.635 was not voted on during the 109th Congress.This Congress, Representative
Dennis Kucinich has introduced H.Res.333 to impeach Vice President Cheney for high
crimes and misdemeanors.ᅠ
H.Res.333 states that the Vice President purposely manipulated the intelligence
process to deceive the citizens and Congress about a threat of Iraqi weapons of mass
destruction and about an alleged relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda in order to
justify the use of the U.S. Armed Forces against Iraq in a manner damaging to our
national security interests.While I feel the same outrage and distrust clearly felt
by those who want to launch impeachment proceedings against the Vice President and
President, I believe that the 67 Senate votes constitutionally required to remove
either of them from office cannot be achieved in the 110th Congress.ᅠ
I want an end to the war in Iraq and a robust reassertion of Congress s coequal
authority in decisionmaking and ensuring compliance with federal law, and I believe
that a significant change of U.S. policy can be achieved by repeatedly challenging
the President legislatively on Iraq and other matters, even without a vetoproof
With growing bipartisan support for legislative efforts to draw down U.S. military
forces in Iraq, there will be repeated opportunities to enact legislative reversals
of President Bush s disastrous foreign policy.ᅠ
It is also critical that the 110th Congress spend time on other issues, like
reforming immigration, improving education, expanding and improving health care
coverage, curbing global warming and restoring and strengthening civil liberties.ᅠ
With close majorityminority ratios in both the House and the Senate, some
bipartisanship is also probably necessary to address these challenges, and I support
doing what is necessary to achieve successes in these areas.I have and will continue
to support investigations to hold the Bush administration accountable for its
I want many of President Bush s policies to be permanently reversed, and you can be
assured that I will work to achieve that end in the shortest amount of time
possible.Again, thank you for contacting me.ᅠ
Please continue to let me know your thoughts on matters of concern to you.
Sincerely, John W. Olver

The crop job somehow resulted from the cut-and-paste process, which only serves to obscure the Good Senator’s obfuscations. You aren’t missing much; basically it says “I feel your pain,” and here are my excuses for ignoring your wishes. Lots of crap about having important business to attend to, which wouldn’t bother me if I thought our Democracy was going to be here in ten years, and that we could clean up the mess later.

So I wrote back to The Man, spilled my guts and let him know that his ass is on the line:

“Congressman Olver,

I believe the Constitution is clear on this point: Given probable cause, the House Leaders SHALL institute impeachment proceedings against Administration officials who seem to have broken the law.

I can’t think of a more blatant or egregious breach of trust or dismissal of both Domestic and International Law than that of our current misAdministration’s genocidal machinations in the Arab World. The out-and-out lies and subordination of facts in pursuit of regional dominance is a clear breach of International Law and an affront to every thinking American, and is at the root of why “they” hate us: We The People are failing to hold our elected leaders accountable for their High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

I, Sir, intend to hold YOU fully accountable for the actions of the government of which you are a part and expect you to DEMAND impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. I’m not interested in your pablum about the “important business” before your chamber in service to the American people; please tell me what business you think is more important than defending our Constitution against the potentially fatal attacks levied by the criminals you’re defending by your silence.

Most of the local folks I’ve talked to in recent months feel similarly, and ALL OF US VOTE.

A reply from you including your pledge to support Impeachment proceedings is the only thing which will give me and my community of friends any reason to vote for your continued tenure in the future.


(Name Deleted for Blogonymity Purposes)”

So just as I hit the “send” button and get that warm, useful glow, I noticed this at the bottom of Congoman’s letter:

“Due to technological constraints, this email address cannot receive replies.ᅠ If you have questions about the validity of this message, please call my Washington, DC office at 202/2255335.ᅠ”

Shit. Guess I’m gonna hafta bang one out on the Smith Corona and strap it to a turtle. Or maybe call that number. My money’s on it being answered by a Fuck-u-bot.

Meme of Friggin’ Fours August 23, 2007

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So there’s this thing goin’ round, and I seem to have picked it up from DCup. Rumor has it she spent a bit too much time over at Phydeaux’s place, and the sad truth is that he caught it from a monkey!

If the Rightosphere gets a hold of this, we’re in BIG TROUBLE.

The defining symptom (I looked it up) is an unbridled urge to blather on in Fours about various sordid details of your miserable existence, details which I’m sure would bore the Average Sentient Being to tears. There’s no cream for it; there’s no pill for it; there’s only this:

Jobs That Have Had Me:

1) Climbing Instructor/Mountain Guide. Imagine if you will the jaw-dropping cluelessness of a host of too-busy upscale Joisey parents sending their thrill-seeking teenage daughters off for a summer of growth and discovery with the likes of me. Grow a brain, people! You’re lucky I’m so shy.

2) Stone Worker/Wall Builder. My proudest accomplishment: a couple hundred yards of wall along a rising driveway on a steep cross-slope. Two demure feet tall in the front, a whopping six feet in the back, though of course nobody would ever know it. I started with a steel bar and a pair of insulated work gloves (winter in New England, you know) and ended with a friggin’ meat cape. Good Times!

3) Factory Worker. Injection molding the outer layer onto golf balls from 11 to 7. Met some nice Portuguese guys who invited me over for post-work breakfasts consisting of home-made wine by the water-glass and deep fried cod-fish balls, all jovially shared ’round a poker game as the sun came up. And yet, I lived.

4) Head Surveyor on Highway Bridge Construction Projects. My current gig. I try to divide my time equally between getting the job done and resisting the urge to dope-slap the Highly Paid Cretins who design those concrete-and-steel abortions. Think “Minnesota” and you’re half way there.

Places I’d Rather Be:

1) Far above tree-line in a maze of rocks and krummholz, looking down through a break in a sea of clouds at the valley below, the intense sun and crisp, cool air combining in a sensorial non sequitur, simultaneously awful and beautiful. The more difficult the position is to attain, the more impossible it is to forget.

2) In a car, windows down, tall pines flowing past, no map, no compass, no destination but forward. Points of intimate interest and panoramic vistas, all rolled into a seamless experience of the new. The only required accessory would be a friend to share the wonder.

3) At the ocean’s edge, exploring the rainbow of life in an endless series of tidal pools, funny little creatures doing funny little creature things as the waves crash into foam over my shoulder, occasionally surprising me with a bracing reminder of their salty power. Manchester-by-the-sea comes to mind.

4) Making love in the hot sun on a well-padded rock by a waterfall, her warmth surrounding me as the white noise of the water blends with the sound of birds, and I disappear into her eyes.

‘Scuse me for a minute…

Countries I’ve Been To:

1) Canada – A pansy-ass sissypants country with hardly any military, ridiculous notions like Health Care For All, a European sensibility without the expense of air fare, and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’d be great neighbors if they’d just sack up and bomb something.

2) Portugal – Craggy mountians in the North, topless beaches in the South, excellent fresh seafood and viño tinto with every meal. A fella could get spoiled by the likes of it.

3) Guatemala – A dichotomous mix of obscene wealth and dirt-floored squalor, by turns exotic and pedestrian. Shop in the mountain bazaars; don’t eat the salad. Lomotil a must.

4) The Divided States of Amerika. Hard to beat if you’re a One-Per-Center. The rest of you can eat shit and die.

Foods I Like:

1) Garlic. Vitamin G, Vegetable Of The Gods, the end-All of Eats. No vampire on this boy!

2) Southern Italian Seafood. A melange of shellfish, calamari and tender white fillets in a spicy tomato broth over homemade pasta. A crisp minerally white between bites; leave the bottle on the table, thanks.

3) Curries. All types. Aromatic Indian ones, Thai coconut with fresh basil ones, my chilled curried butternut squash soup with chopped cilantro and a dollop of sour cream. Pass the crusty bread.

4) A good Texas Chili. No beans, just meat cooked into the afterlife in a riot of fresh veggies and spices, the ones that make your brow tingle and your asshole pucker. Mas cerveza, por favor!!!!

Personal Heroes:

1) Jesus Christ. Helluva guy!

2) Hugo Chávez. The Venezuelan version of Jesus Christ.

3) My Brother. Been there and back, and always been there for me when I needed a friend. Thanks, Bro.


Books I Has Read:

1) The Illustrated Man. My first and favorite Bradbury. Happy Belated Birthday Ray, BTW.

2) The Violent Bear It Away by Flannery O’Connor. ‘Course all her works have slipped past these eyelids, but that one seems to be often overlooked, so I’m touting its virtues. But get The Complete Works, you won’t be bored.

3) Hegemony or Survival, by Noam The Gnome Chomsky. Friggin’ trouble maker!

4) A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. Second attempt. Hey, I’m curious but simple, and it’s a stretch for a brown-collar boy.

Well Gawd Damn that took a while, on accounta I type at the Speed of Dark! And since I’m averse to inflicting avoidable burdens on unsuspecting passers-by, I’m just going to invite anyone who reads this to jump in and feel my pain share my joy in this little exercise in openness and communion.

Seriously, thanks DCup for the vote of confidence your “tag” seems to imply. I’ll get you for this! 😉

And Along Life’s Path… August 21, 2007

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…take time to smell the butterflies.


Or something.