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The 284 Billion Dollar Question June 30, 2007

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Black, White, Brown, Christian, Muslim, or Godless Heathen (that be me) :

Why Can’t We Live Together???

Here’s a pair of icons from my youth who are still kickin’ it down 40 years later!


Summer’s Siren Song June 30, 2007

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A torrent of tears

freeing the air of its burden,

drunk deeply by dirt,


a phoenix of fog,

the scent of a woman,

Our Mother Earth.


I do have to say, I loves me some summer!

The New Superpower On The Block… June 30, 2007

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…is YOU!

There’s a video over at The Huffington Post which is getting quite a lot of attention. And while “The Type” who might read my lefty drivel probably already saw this, I thought I’d link to it anyway because it speaks to a point that I believe is so universally relevant to The Future Of The World that I don’t want anyone to miss it:


And that can only happen when we realize that there are people who benefit from dividing us, making us afraid of each other, teaching us to blame each other for what’s wrong with our world. Be they the 10% of Americans who possess 90% of America’s wealth, or the Christian Fundamentalist who need to instigate Armageddon to attain salvation, or the NeoCons who won’t be satisfied ’till they own the last drop of water, they ALL depend on our complicity to maintain their dominance of our world.

The video linked above makes the point that We The People are the new superpower in the world, that public opinion is the 800lb gorilla in the present political paradigm.

I believe this to be true, and true in a way it’s never been before, thanks largely to the internet, and more specifically, to the blogosphere. There are an estimated 100,000 new blogs created EVERY DAY. This means we’re no longer just sharing information… we’re talking to each other. And with the familiarity will come understanding, and with the understanding, the fear of the unknown will be replaced by the common hopes and dreams and aspirations of a world full of people who are more alike than not, who love their children and their homes, who are tired of the endless wars, who have had ENOUGH!!!

And THAT has the hate-mongers trembling in their Guccis. Because if you need war to make your billions, if you need a cowering citizenry to seize absolute power, if you need World War III to get to Heaven…

We MUST keep talking, and not just to like-minded people (though that certainly has the value of building support and consensus,) but to others with different points of view. The next time someone knocks on my door with a Bible and a stack of Watchtowers in their hands, I intend to try to find the common ground which I know is there. The next time a co-worker makes a gay-bashing comment, I intend to choke down my anger and ask them why they feel that way and tell them why I feel differently.

And we must know that the powerful and the privileged will try to stop us. They’ll fill the airwaves with Bill Donohue and Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and others who whip the frightened and the feeble into a brown-shirted frenzy, then claim no culpability when gays are beaten to death or when doctors at Women’s Health clinics are murdered. They’ll corral our Freedom of Speech into “zones” where no one can hear us.

And because the World Wide Web is our World Wide Weapon of choice, they’ll try to deny us this tool. Whether by laws or regulations or fees which restrict access and content or by Denial Of Service attacks like the one which recently affected Shakesville, they must interrupt the network we’re building.

Otherwise, Hatred and Bigotry and Fear and Greed will fall at the feet of Hope and Kindness and Respect for ourselves and each other.

We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Special big Hat-Tip to Miz Lu for cluing me about this video, and welcome to my world!

Hello There! June 28, 2007

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Here’s a pic I shot the other day. I remembered it after seeing Phydeaux Speaks‘ post on feeding the animals.


I found this guy scurrying to the best of his stout little ability to get out of the road… I think he was hit by a car before I arrived. I followed him a little ways to take the photo, and he seemed to be moving alright.

Send good energy up to Florida, Massachusetts, ‘k?

A Rock and Roll Baby Comes Of Age June 24, 2007

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Ta-Daaaaaaaa! …Uh, no, not Sting – Rolling Stone.


Check it out – it could be the 80s, with The Police and all. I used to love RS back then, but lost interest in the 90s when they seemed to focus primarily on MTV Cheese and Sleaze.

But lately they’ve been on a (rock &) roll, with no-holds barred pieces exploring the Machiavellian Machinations of Dubbya the Clown’s (mis-)administration.

OK, I know, it’s like spearing turds in a bucket. But still, I read stuff in the Stone these days that doesn’t seem to be showing up in the M$M, and I’m liking that A LOT, thinking that perhaps some young peeps are getting a little print-reinforcement for their Daily Show dose.

The June issue (#1029) has feature articles by Al Gore and Robert Kennedy Jr., but my absolute fave is “Six Years of Deceit,” a scathing review of the sordid facts and players behind “Our National Energy Policy.” (*gack*) Thank you, writer Tim Dickinson, for reminding us.

Here’s a photo of page 57 to whet your appetite if you haven’t already read it:


In case it’s too small for you, I’ll summarize the first one: Phil Cooney started out as ‘Climate Team Leader’ for the American Petroleum Institute, then was tapped by The Dick Cheney to serve as Chief of Staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality. These are the hand-picked Back-room Bastards, under the direct control of The Dick, who usurped the EPA’s oversight of the climate change issue and shuffled all the competent scientists working for CEQ off to Buffalo, as it were. With “Mission Accomplished,” i.e. nothing done about CO2 emissions or global warming, Dr. Phil is now a “Corporate Whore Issues Manager” for ExxonMobil. Whooda thunk.

At any rate, there’s enough good stuff in this issue to warrant mentioning it to you nice folks who like to be told when it’s going to hurt.

Music, The Voice of God. June 23, 2007

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If you’re a musician of any ilk, you probably already know about Gary Burton and Chick Corea. If you’re not a musician, here’s a clip of them doing what they do best, combining their jaw-dropping musical virtuosity with their visionary lyricism.

I’ve seen both of these gentlemen live, solo and in ensemble. Their performances have left me trembling and in tears. Burton has said that his body offers no limitations on his playing; if his mind can conceive it, the music comes out his hands unimpeded. And Chick has one of the most impressive discographies in modern jazz, embodying the best of sub-genres ranging from solo acoustic ballads to the kick-ass fusion of Return To Forever. Enjoy!

Geology 101 June 23, 2007

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Granitic gneiss in the bed of the Deerfield River at the “Shelburne Falls Potholes,” actually glacial plunge pools.

This is a great place to pass a steamy summer afternoon, albeit not a very private one. Expect to see more expansive views of The Potholes as the summer progresses.

A Little Gift From Monsanto To You! June 23, 2007

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Yesterday Boxer Rebellion had a very worthwhile post about the movie Fast Food Nation in which he mentioned production methods for milk.

This reminded me of a speaker I heard on the radio a while back (Dang, I can’t remember his name!) who had quite a lot of embarrassing information about our Good Neighbors, Monsanto. You know, the purveyors of rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone)?

This is the good stuff which makes cows produce abnormal amounts of milk so our children can drink lots and lots of it.

Now because Monsanto wanted to make sure their Frankencows were making Nice Safe Milk for our babies, they hired an independent lab to test their new product. Unfortunately, the study came back disclosing that rBGH caused a very significant increase in the amount of PUS AND BLOOD IN THE MILK.


Fortunately, Monsanto had a way to correct the problem…

…wait for it…

…they bought the study and BURIED IT. No study, no problem.
So the next time you grab a gallon of the good stuff, think about spending a wee tad more for locally produced Certified Organic milk, or at least milk which clearly states that it’s free of hormones and antibiotics.

Just a thought…

Because Not Everything Sucks… June 23, 2007

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Breathe deeply. Relax your brow, your cheeks, your jaw. Hang your head , stretch your neck. Get loose. Smile.


A little wild Dianthus. There are about 300 species of “pinks” in the genus, with many growing wild in the Northeast. This one’s about 1.5 cm across.

I owe this photo to any of you who survived my toxic rage against Dubbya The Clown over at Shakesville.

Phydeaux Knows Best June 20, 2007

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In case you missed it over at Phydeaux Speaks (and I hope you have a veeeeeery good excuse!) here’s something you should NEVER show the children of Bangladesh:

Thanks for the smile, P-Dog!