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Dinner With TCR! September 30, 2008

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Yeah, twice in a row.

And twice, the same thing!  Hey, I had extra filling of seafood and mascarpone from the filo puffs, so I packed it into some jumbo manicotti and smothered it in a Fra Diavola sauce I made from my garden, tomatoes and onions and hot peppers and basil and…

Well, you get the picture:

It got glommed purdy guuud by the shredded mozzarella, but damn! it was delicious!

Say It Ain’t So! September 30, 2008

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I just got an email from Human Rights Campaign describing the decision-making process of Our Man Howard Weizmann, currently serving as Deputy Director of the United States Office of Personnel Management.

"Last week at a Senate hearing on equal family benefits for LGBT
federal workers, the Bush Administration's Howard Weizmann cited
the plot of the Adam Sandler movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck
and Larry," about two men who pretend to be gay, as evidence the
program would be scammed."

Say, WHAT???

HRC provided a link wherein I could express my dismay to Mr. Weizmann, and I used it:

“Mr. Weizmann,

Many of my fellow citizens are being denied equal protection under the law and equal rights because of who they love, who they care for, who they depend on when they need another human being, who they share their joy with when times are good.

This needs to stop.

We have a Constitution in this country which demands that it stop.

Please, Mr. Weizmann, tell me that you didn’t reference an Adam Sandler teenage exploitation move as an influence on your thinking regarding extending benefits to same sex couples.

Because I really don’t want to believe that public policy in this country is being shaped by idiots.

Please, Mr. Weizmann.

I’m waiting.

The Cunning Runt,
Hickville, MA”

Feel free to try the links.


Post Script:  I received a nice letter from George thanking me for taking the time yadda yadda yadda…

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.

We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.

Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House cannot respond to every

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


Ruby Tuesday! September 30, 2008

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Man, what to do with all these pictures of red things?

I know…  join the fun at Work of the Poet, where every Tuesday is Ruby Tuesday!

Here’s a barn along a winding road, from last weekend.  It ran red in the rain , heavy with permanence, the functional heart of a nearby farm:

…and a long, slow shot of a leaf beneath the surface of a knee-deep brook, taken as my awareness of the cool water disappeared into the still, misty air:

And today after work I was compelled to hang a u-turn and pull over across the street from a particularly stunning maple to pick out fragments of it’s splendor with my new 400mm lense:

Still getting the hang of that one, and will be for some time, I do suppose.

Hope that put a little extra Ruby in your Tuesday!

Oh, and H/T to The Pagan Sphinx for hooking me up with this beautiful site!

Pockets Of Wonder! September 29, 2008

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In this rust-red season of muted colors and brooding skies, there are small pockets where the leaves are turning nicely, corners turned to find a startling palette splashed along the roadside, lakes bounded by incongruous colors:

The wetlands in high hollows turn first, their maples bursting into flames:

Poplars add their gold to the display of emeralds and rubys:

It’s coming.  It’s late, and it won’t be the best year for colors, but it’s coming.

Dinner With TCR! September 29, 2008

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Well, something special for the Old Man, something I never did before, spurred be the reminder that, sheesh, I don’t have forever to try everything!

So, for my first dance with filo, it was Seafood Puffs, with shrimp, scallops, mascarpone, sun dried tomatoes and basil from my garden:

Garnished with fresh tomatoes, kalamatas and more basil.

Came out purdy guuud for a first try!

Rainy Day, Dream Away. September 28, 2008

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Autumn in the Berkshires wears two faces.

There’s the crisp, cool face of brilliant stars viewed through dry air, hillsides of fire and ice, collars raised against stiff breezes, views which stretch past the near hills to the curved horizon.

And then there’s the pewter face of autumn, its hair beaded with droplets of mist, ruffled by driven fog, knee deep in earth tones, soaked to its bones, drawing in, getting its act together for the coming winter.

Today was that latter kind of day, drizzling, leaden, dark.

But somehow, it drew me out, closing the door quietly on my sleeping daughter and her sleeping fiancé, coaxing my dying van injudiciously woodsward, along a washed out gravel road, winding up into the State Forest which so convincingly surrounds me that I surrender to it daily.

The roadside stream was flush with rain, not like the torrents of Spring, but rather filled to satisfaction, like a sated diner:

I rolled my pants up to my knees, took off my socks and waded into the water in my rubber shoes, a hill-town staple for gardeners, and began to notice the small things, the details, the reason I bought a camera.  The moss was loving this, the twilight of its existence, perhaps its final greening before the dessication of winter, before its retreat beneath a blanket of white:

The ferns were loving it, catching falling stars as fast as the overarching maples could cast them off:

Fungi leapt at the chance to produce one more batch of spores, please, just give us one more chance…

Even the stones were reveling in it, the wetness, the surface tension, the rightness of the rain:

The day stretched on, and my woodland stream, my gravel road led my astray, kept me out, delayed me from my Duties as Dad.

I’m Sorry, Elder Progeny, for the delay.  Sometimes I don’t know how long my journey will be; I only know that I have to make that journey.

Hoosic River Red. September 27, 2008

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Friday at work, it rained like hell most of the day, and rained like autumn for the rest of it.

And the river rose, the Hoosic River, winding its way through North Adams, flowing incongruously Northward  through the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, defying gravity, defying geography, defying logic, escaping Westward into New York, spilling its juices into the womb of the Hudson, and finally, finally heading Southward, as though it had suddenly realized the folly of its ways, the futility of its trajectory, the irresistable pull of the sea.

Back in North Adams, Virginia Creeper festoons the concrete walls where the aberrant river once overflowed its mud banks:

72 Things Younger Than John McCain. September 27, 2008

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Imagine the Herculean task of trying to whittle this list down to just 72 things!

But Joe Quint did just that for his new book by that title.

Included on that list are

Duck Tape!

Chocolate chip cookies!

Roll-on deodorant!

OK, so it’s a stick.   Props are spendy these days!

Also on the list, though I don’t have pictures of them, are Area Codes, the Jeferson Memorial and Social Security, Bwaaahahahahaaaaa!

So is this ageist?  Yup.

But is it relevant??

You bet your ass it is, when your Vice Bimbo President is a Fundie Nutcase Douchebaguette who wants the Zombies For Christ to eat your brain.

Ouch!!!  I hate it when that happens!

So We Don’t Forget. September 26, 2008

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What a world, what a world.

My 401K is in the toilet, and my van is dying.

And tonight I have to try to stomach the bullshit of a “Presidential Debate” on the ‘puterbox radio while keeping an ear out for some Hopeful Words.

I might think that things kinda sucked in my life, if it weren’t for the people I love, and the people who love me.

And for my appreciation of the fact that everything is relative, and for some people it sucks a whole lot harder.

We’re presently at war, and people are dying.  Decrying it is not enough.  We need to make it stop.

Stand against War, my friends, and Work for Peace.

  – I Heart Peace,   Sept 2008

Friday Kittehz Blogging! September 25, 2008

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This week, Honkittehz!

It’s not often that kittehz loves some water!