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At The “Potholes.” October 28, 2010

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Along the Deerfield River in downtown Shelburne Falls:

Courtesy of Elliot, who provided less than a degree of “tilt” to produce a photo with acceptable clarity throughout despite low light and a brisk breeze.

This one’s nearly raw out of the camera.

Thanks, Big Guy.

Ruby Tuesday – May I Bore You With Yet Another Barn? March 15, 2010

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OK, a portion of a barn, used for storage on a North Adams property which bills itself as “The Art Capital of The World:”

Not a typical New England barn, I know, the reds are wrong.  But I have to suppose that the claim of “Art Capitol of the World”  entitles one to take liberties.

And the dormant sumac will be revisited when it’s in leaf.

There’s more Rubiliciousness over at Work of the Poet, so go check it out!

(Not-Quite-) Ruby Tuesday! October 14, 2008

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Ok, it’s a poor excuse for “ruby,” but it’s um, ruby-ish.

Sunlight through Sumac: