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Late Autumn. October 19, 2012

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Well, it’s that time of the season.

The Leaves are losing, The Wind is winning.

Locally, the maples have given it up, the ashes are skeletal and the oaks have gone brow.

Thank Gawd for the poplars in their yellow finery, dancing beneath a skyline of pines:

That sky benefitted from the sun being at just the right angle for a polarizing filter to work its magic.

Roadside brush filtering the sun’s afternoon energy:

This was one of the few reds in evidence; the sugars which turn sugar maples crimson were one of the casualties of this summer’s inconsistent weather.

Yellows, though, survived the strangeness. Besides the poplars and birches, beeches go yellow ranging to a burnt ochre:

…which is startling against a deep blue sky.

I turned off the open (and sunlit) road to get into the forest, and in a stand of pines I got this image:

I got well along into this drive before the road was blocked by a fallen tree, and I had to turn around.

I may go back there with a chain-saw and a big iron bar, but I’m not promising anything.

Fading Colors, Shifting Winds. November 7, 2011

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The air is changing here in Western Massachusetts.  It feels like winter is bearing down on us, even when daytime temps belie that perception.

So it seemed, this past week, like if I was going to catch the last of the colors, it would have to be now or never.  So here goes.

Bittersweet laying claim to a barn in Hadley:

…as if it had any right to it.

That’s by Elliot, with a hand-held 3-stop soft step filter.

And this, a shot of some horses’ asses which I’d hoped to use to illustrate a Republican Debate:

…but then, it’s just one photo, and there are so many asses to illustrate, so that just kinda didn’t happen.

Perhaps I’ll find a nice Shriner Mini to get political with.

Meanwhile, I think that’s about it for Fall colors.

Later, then.

New England Asters. September 27, 2011

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Just as the local goldenrod fades to golden brown, the New England asters kick it down for a little late-summer color:

Our local asters come in a variety of colors including some wonderfully prolific lavender and white ones, but this intensely magenta variation really floats my boat.

Another seasonal standout, albeit  invasive to some degree, is the Virginia creeper which has gotten overly comfortable in these parts:

Its intense autumn reds nearly pardon it for smothering its host trees, as it did to this little specimen in Windsor.

Thanks to Elliot for his fine work, most evident in the first shot, where there’s good depth-of-field despite the stiff breezes of the season.

Change Is Coming. September 15, 2011

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No, unfortunately, not the political kind we voted for.  I meant the seasonal show Mother puts on for those of us here in the Northeast.  I’m afraid a maple fungus will diminish the colors this year, but there will, at least, be something  to look at.

Hawley Bog, up in, um, Hawley:

…with cotton grass waving in the breeze.

More views of the boardwalk floating on the delicate bog mat:


Both shots courtesy of Elliot, thank-you very much.

There’s a possibility we’ll be getting a frost this weekend (!) so stay tuned – this could get good in a hurry.  😉

At The “Potholes.” October 28, 2010

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Along the Deerfield River in downtown Shelburne Falls:

Courtesy of Elliot, who provided less than a degree of “tilt” to produce a photo with acceptable clarity throughout despite low light and a brisk breeze.

This one’s nearly raw out of the camera.

Thanks, Big Guy.

A Change. September 16, 2009

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There’s been a change in the air, a change in the light.

It’s becoming Autumn.

The trees are changing too, beginning in the swamps and bogs and moving up the hillsides.

In the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, this past weekend:


The skies were a uniform New England Grey, but the trees were doing their best to liven things up:

Vermont swamp

With a little luck on the weather – some rain without a ton of wind and an end-of-September warm spell – we could get lucky.

If we do, I promise to share it with you.

Noodlin’. October 13, 2008

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Up in Hawley:

Japanese Bar Berry in Colrain:


‘Night, All!

Lucky, I Guess. October 10, 2008

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Caught the light, took some photos.

Williamstown, October 2008:

Perhaps not what one imagines when one imagines Massachusetts, but at this particular spot, this is what Massachusetts looks like:

This is the flip side of being all Maple-Syrupy and stuff.  We’re visually sweet in the Autumn and Syrupy- Sweet in the Spring!

True Colors! October 2, 2008

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Here are a few shots from my rides home this week.  The first two are from North Pond in Savoy State Forest:

It was a dark afternoon under steely skies, and the deep woods were mysterious and quiet:

These are all my attempts to bring distant snippets of views in with my 400mm.

Here’s another one, taken up in Windsor, which was unfortunately compromised by a strong wind shaking Gizmo and a driving mist coating his lense before we could get the shot:

Well, I take it as I get it, and that’s what I got.