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Phall Pholiage Photos! October 10, 2012

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More colors from this sub-optimal (but still pretty cool) season.

Locally, some back roads:

A Conway beaver pond:

Bittersweet on a barn in Hawley:

A few Deerfield river shots:

The real color, though, was higher up in the hills. I’d seen The Change coming to Southern Vermont and headed that-a-way, passing through the heights of Rowe, MA on the drive, and stopped off at a seldom-visited beaver pond for a couple of quickies:

I especially liked this shot of orange jelly fungus popping out of a fallen spruce along the pond’s edge:

All of these are from Elliot, bless his little mechanisms.

In Vermont, the best colors were along Route 9 between Searsburg on the east and Bennington on the west:

Of that last bunch, the more expansive views were captured by Ollie, the last two are from Gizmo.

This year, Autumn has been a finicky visitor and seems anxious to be moving on.

Oh well, let her go, I say. Can’t stop her anyway.

I may head farther afield in the next few days, searching for a few last kisses before Bleak November arrives.

Farm Scenes. July 1, 2012

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A horse grazes by a barn in Montague, MA:

An uncommon silo for these parts, made of concrete “boards:”

The tensioning bands made a cool pattern on the ridged and grooved surface:

I know that this is a less-than-inspired post, but I’m feeling pressed, both time-wise and financially, as  I focus my efforts on getting Ralph Munn Photography to meet my financial needs, and blogging has become a very secondary part of my time allocation (Facebook thinks I’m dead.)

This is not necessarily a bad thing; there are signs of progress on the photography front, which I may take to bragging about as they become more robust.

Meanwhile, thank you for your forbearance.  You’ve been a supportive e-family to me as I’ve delved ever deeper into photography as a means of expression (a prime example of which this post is decidedly not!)  I hope to do better by you in future posts.


What I Saw. January 5, 2012

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Today’s Roll-About beneath steel gray skies looked like an exercise in futility until I got westward to Williamstown, where a few views inspired me to get out into the wind and snow squalls and contort Elliot into action.  Here’s some of what I got.

Fences in a pasture:

A red barn in light wind-driven snow:

Those two had a bit of “tilt” to get the front-to-back focus I wanted, as well as an array of hand-held graduated filters.

This next one, though, was an impromptu portrait of a horse who came over to greet me, changing my plans and necessitating some hasty manual work:

What a sweetie, though he’d likely bite me if he heard me say that!  🙂

More later from today’s foraging.  I’m undecided as to whether they’ll be color or B&W, so give me a little while.

Barn By Starlight. December 12, 2011

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Up in Shelburne, a tumbledown barn hunkers beneath a starry sky:

I took this while waiting for a tardy moonrise which I’ll post next.  But in the interim, I looked steeply up to the heavens and thought I saw a B&W image.  It’s not quite what I hoped for, but I guess it’s worth sharing none-the-less.


Random Summerage. July 6, 2011

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Got a longer cord and ditched the wireless connection for now, so I’m back.

Here are some random/assorted shots which have come in since last I posted.

Cat-tails “flowering,” with the male pollen head fat above the still-green seed head:

Thistles in a nearby field:

A honey bee putting the love on a milkweed flower:

An unexpected sight on a picnic table by Rowe Pond:

His Lady was throwing a ball out into the pond for her pair of Golden retrievers, who were happily swimming around amongst a flock of geese while I played with this cutie.

A trio of shots from down on the farm – a recently hayed field greens back up:

A barn window watches over some Dianthus,  Northern bedstraw and Sensitive* ferns:

*Thanks to jomegat in comments – TCR

…while ’round back, a curious herd is skeptical about my intentions:

And of course, the requisite shot of evening back down along the river:

That’s the last few days’ haul, such as it is, and I’m off to bed.


Plenty Of Snow! February 8, 2011

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Snow:  Yeah, we got that!

This has been a very good winter in Western Massachusetts for those of us who like snow.  Despite a fair amount of sleet and freezing rain, the fluffy stuff has still managed to pile up:

In fact, it’s getting difficult to heave the new stuff up over the old stuff!  It’s also putting a heck of a load on area roofs*:

Fortunately our barn is structurally sound and has a steepish roof – that’d be a helluva snow removal job!

…And oh, by the way, it’s snowing again as I type this!  🙂

* I just heard on the radio that 149 roofs have collapsed in Massachusetts in the past week.  I’m very sure that figure doesn’t include many older structures out in the hills, as such happenings are taken in stride by us hill-folk  and don’t necessarily warrant reporting, except over coffee at the local breakfast nook.

Ruby Tuesday At The Farm! September 13, 2010

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Just a “quickie” today, a shot of the prayer flags which connect our barn to Heaven and Earth:

Eliot caught both the near flags and the face of the barn in reasonable focus, despite cloudy skies and a stiff breeze.

Gotta love that “tilt” function!

For more Rubyliciousness, visit Mary over at Work of the Poet.  😉

Ruby Tuesday – The YARB* Edition! April 19, 2010

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*Yet Another Red Barn.

So it’s Spring, the sun rises earlier, sets later and achieves greater heights.

And it casts stellar shadows, like this one on a Rubilicious local barn:

I know, “Ho-hum.”  But this is New England, Home of the Ho-Hum, and it’s what I got.

For more inspired renditions of Ruby Tuesday, visit Mary over at Work of the Poet.


Ruby Tuesday – Spring is Springing! April 12, 2010

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Some redness from my week.

A covered bridge in Colrain:

Agrarian lawn art:

A maple catkin:

And a seasonal treat, forsythias surrounding a local barn:

For more rubiliciousness, visit Mary over at Work of the Poet.

Ruby Tuesday – May I Bore You With Yet Another Barn? March 15, 2010

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OK, a portion of a barn, used for storage on a North Adams property which bills itself as “The Art Capital of The World:”

Not a typical New England barn, I know, the reds are wrong.  But I have to suppose that the claim of “Art Capitol of the World”  entitles one to take liberties.

And the dormant sumac will be revisited when it’s in leaf.

There’s more Rubiliciousness over at Work of the Poet, so go check it out!