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Today. November 3, 2010

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Sunrise over North Adams:

Hand-held in low light at ISO 3200; sorry ’bout the grain.

After work, high on Mount Greylock, I came across a small stagnant pool:

…and made something else of it entirely.  I like the way the elements of this one came together, with the only sunlit vegetation in the scene suggesting a blazing sun and the trees seemingly being re-leaved.

Higher, I caught this detail of icicles adorning a road-cut:

The surface was decorated with a strange, raised crazing which looked alive, and I dug it.

I hope you dig it too.

All shots with my 16-35mm L-series lens which, surprisingly, focused down to about 8″ for that last shot!


On The Road Home. April 7, 2010

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…And later that same day (as the previously posted sunrise,) a patchwork of clouds provided this Westward view:

Taken (again) as I got up to Florida from the day’s job site in North Adams.

Ruby Tuesday – May I Bore You With Yet Another Barn? March 15, 2010

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OK, a portion of a barn, used for storage on a North Adams property which bills itself as “The Art Capital of The World:”

Not a typical New England barn, I know, the reds are wrong.  But I have to suppose that the claim of “Art Capitol of the World”  entitles one to take liberties.

And the dormant sumac will be revisited when it’s in leaf.

There’s more Rubiliciousness over at Work of the Poet, so go check it out!

Last Night. December 19, 2008

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So last night was busy, and I got distracted.

And you didn’t get t see what I saw, because I didn’t post it.

Sorry.  I’m feeble like that.

But I did save the pictures, in case I should come around, and I have, and here they are.

Heaven, as sampled from the evening sky over Mount Greylock:


…and Hell, as depicted from a hilltop two miles away, all glittery and seductive:


Both courtesy of Gizmo, thank you sir!

This Land Is Our Land July 4, 2007

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From the Redwood Forests to the Gulf Stream Waters, with a little stop-over at North Adams, Massachusetts along the way:


I pray I’ll never lose sight of what it means to live in this land, or the vision of what it can be if we all work toward our dreams.