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Images From My Weekend. March 28, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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…Much of which was imminently forgettable, but some of which might be deemed shareable.

Mount Monadnock in southern New Hampshire, from a hillside close to home:

This lone peak has spawned the geologic term of “monadnock,” referring to a roche moutonee separate from other highlands.

That one’s courtesy of Gizmo, my 400mm L-series lens.

Salmon Falls, the geologic centerpiece of the village of Shelburne Falls:

…and a close-up of what’s happening down where the action is:

I like that one.

And lastly, a shot of the near-full moon captured against a furiously unfurling flag on Poet’s Seat Tower in Greenfield:

Other weekend sights might appear in future posts, but this is what I have for now.


1. kkryno - March 28, 2010

This series is a stunning set of pics. I love your “eye.” Thank you for seeing the beauty all around you.

2. littlebangtheory - March 28, 2010

Vikki, you’re kind to say so. And thank you for noticing my attempts at capturing the world in which I live.

3. susan - March 29, 2010

I love your pictures of this village and its centerpiece. Always have in every season and day you’ve posted some.

4. sherry - March 29, 2010

lovelovelove-the water and rocks

5. littlebangtheory - March 29, 2010

Susan, I’m likewise smitten by this beautiful place, and will likely bore to tears any who aren’t!

And Sherry, I know your weakness for that combo, and think of you every time I post shots which fit that bill. 😉

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