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Beaver Fever. December 23, 2012

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Along route 8A in Hawley, a beaver has decided to turn a tumbling brook into a series of ponds:

Beaver Dam

It’s pretty, unless it floods your yard and home, or pollutes your well with Giardia lamblia,  or just plain takes down the trees along your private stretch of brook:

Beaver Damage

City people sign petitions to Save The Beavers, while country people have to live with the consequences. As often as not, they find a way to make the problem go away, regardless of whatever laws the mammal-huggers pass.

I’m a big booster of Nature, but see us as a part of it which ought not to be disregarded, as long as we recognize the rest of it.

Water, Water Everywhere! March 31, 2010

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Heavy rains on top of Spring frost-out means high water levels in our local rivers.  The Deerfield has breached its banks:

…and riverside properties are at peril:

Both of these shots were taken in the center of my town, Charlemont.

Of course, “everywhere” by definition includes the cellar here at the Rolling J Farm:

That’s about two feet of water, enough to submerge and disable our water pump, electric water heater and oil burner/furnace.  I was obliged to take the day off from work to work on getting a pump going and trying to dry things out.

**Update – We have running water and the water heater has been resurrected, though our heating system is down for the count.  More to follow as our efforts continue.

Tee Time. March 17, 2010

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This past week’s rains, coupled with the last couple of days of melting temperatures, have left parts of Massachusetts under water.  Boston’s North Shore got whacked worse than we did here in the Berkshires, but still, we got pretty wet.

A golf course just outside of Stockbridge, Massachusetts:

I daydreamed of fiery sunsets reflected in still waters, but got only blue skies diffused by the ripples of an incessant breeze:

…but still, it was an interesting tableau, and I was happy to snap it up.

‘K, later.