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Welcoming Spring At The Smith College Bulb Show. March 20, 2010

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On the cusp of Spring, Susan and I spent last evening amidst a blur of color and fragrances at the Smith College greenhouses.  The draw was a pair of rooms filled with forced bulbs, their blossoming choreographed to provide a visual feast for those who came to see them.

Entering the show:

…and some details from the evening:






…and finally,

By the time you see these, it will be Spring.


An Unexpected Guest… August 23, 2009

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…on a lily at Slim’s place:

spider in lily

This little critter was about the size of my thumbnail, and seemed unconcerned about the rain dappling its world.

I dug it.

Ruby Tuesday! August 4, 2009

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Yeah, I know – it’s kinda late to be posting this.  But I needed to shoot the full moon, then I had company…

Anyway, here are a few semi-rubiate shots from the Bridge of Flowers in nearby Shelburne Falls:


A Dahlia there, and here, a lily mix:

lily mix

These I don’t know the name of :

Crimson Whatevers


They have interesting blossoms:

crimson close-up

…and don’t look at all native to this area, nor are they in any of my field guides.

At any rate, sorry to be so late to the party, and thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this fun Tuesday meme!

As A Slight Aside From Nature Photography… July 15, 2007

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So I was trying to get a photo of some roadside lilies…


…when this nice couple of pulled up and asked me it I would like to photograph some Really Nice Flowers.

Well, that sounded like a Kind Invitation from Strangers, so of course I said “Yes!”

Gotta go with the flow, ya know? Even though scripted beauty hasn’t been my thing thus far.

Well, as it turned out, Shirley and Joe owned the house just up from where they found me, so taking them up on their kind invitation was easy. And they did indeed have some beautiful flowers happening:


Note the sleeping cow in the distance, a perfect take on this glorious July day in The Berks.

This yard was full of Day Lilies of all hues:


I didn’t see the tiny bee gathering pollen until I uploaded the photograph – hidden wonders, eh?

And they had a lovely water garden, with Monet’s water lilies under a bright blue sky:


What a wonderful place to be a frog!


Some of the water lilies were so layered and translucent as to confuse the eye…


…and others were just beautiful.


So there’s a little diversion from Strict Nature, but Hey, if it’s beautiful, why not share it?