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Images From My Weekend. March 28, 2010

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…Much of which was imminently forgettable, but some of which might be deemed shareable.

Mount Monadnock in southern New Hampshire, from a hillside close to home:

This lone peak has spawned the geologic term of “monadnock,” referring to a roche moutonee separate from other highlands.

That one’s courtesy of Gizmo, my 400mm L-series lens.

Salmon Falls, the geologic centerpiece of the village of Shelburne Falls:

…and a close-up of what’s happening down where the action is:

I like that one.

And lastly, a shot of the near-full moon captured against a furiously unfurling flag on Poet’s Seat Tower in Greenfield:

Other weekend sights might appear in future posts, but this is what I have for now.

“Catamount” Redux August 16, 2007

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As a loooooooooooong-delayed response to PhydeauxSpeaks‘ comment Back In The Day about my use of the word “catamount” in reference to Mountain Lions:

In the Town of Colrain, Massachusetts (the Commonwealth’s largest, f.y.i.) there used to be a community called “Catamount Hill.” It’s now deserted and largely razed, being part of the present day Catamount State Forest. But a few remnants of its past glory can still be found if one walks deep enough into the woods on a rainy day, including this:


The inscription on the stone reads, “The first U.S. flag raised over a public school was floated in May 1812 from a log school house which stood on this spot.

“It was made by Mrs. Rhoda Shippee, Mrs. Lois Shippee, Mrs. Sophia Willis and Mrs. Stephen Hall and was raised by Amasa Shippee, Paul Davenport and the Loyal Families of Catamount Hill.”

These are all still prominent names in the local community and are doubtless active members of the Colrain Historical Society! 😆

And yes, there used to be beaucoups “catamount” up in them thar hills!