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March Waxing Gibbous. March 26, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Between periods of foul weather and moonly vapidity there sit a few days, weather willing, of gazing in wonder at the waxing gibbous moon, with its long shadows and bright peaks.

Here’s a view of said orb:

…juxtaposed against a big spruce in upper Florida.  Gizmo’s pathetic depth of field ought to be forgiven, given its adherence to its mission of bringing the distant near.

Such are the limitations of long lenses, and the products of their particular parameters.


1. Laurie B - March 28, 2010

We saw that and the last of the western sunlight on the tree tops and the last few brave and boasting and breeding-ready male birds singing away until well after twilight. Here’s hoping the owl didn’t get more than one of them and the survivors will each get to sing their story tomorrow evening.

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