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Upcoming Art Opening/Reception! March 2, 2013

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I just “finished” installing a show of my landscape photography at the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce in Amherst, MA.

I put “finished” in quotation marks because I hung the photos, but expect to be back for a second look at their arrangement, and may yet move things around. I also have a lot of work to do on labeling and leveling and creating informational pages before the official opening on Thursday, March 7th as part of the monthly Amherst Art Walk.

I’m thrilled to be part of this event, as it puts a slice of my work in front of a whole new (and larger) set of hearts and eyeballs.

Here’s how the layout looked when I left it tonight, subject to minor changes before Thursday:


I’d be pleased to see any of you who are “local” at this event, and urge you to stop by as you wander about town (there are several nice Actual Galleries in the immediate vicinity, so you’ll get to see a lot without walking a lot.)

Stop by if you’re so inclined!

A Horse, Down In The Valley. November 23, 2012

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I snagged this passing shot of a grazing horse in the low pastures of Amherst, where horses inhabit paddocks once cropped by dairy cows:

It’s a bitter-sweet sight, with these proud beasties being confined by fences, but still it excites me. Horses are such elegant beasts, patient in their captivity, yet holding on to what makes them wild.

I wish that we Humans could present ourselves that proudly.

A Hawk In Amherst. March 28, 2012

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Making a turn from the State road onto the secondary (or is it tertiary?) road leading to Amherst, I saw a hawk in a tree, found a place to turn around, and went back to try to get a photo.

Well, of course, Hawk wasn’t giving it away, and so flew off to a less visible spot in the edge of the woods.  But it was close enough to the road to get this look at it:

I took a few shots before making myself obvious enough to get Hawk to move to where he was a bit easier to see:

…and eventually Hawk flew off:

…and I drove on.

The Rest Of The Orchids… March 1, 2012

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…at the Amherst Orchid Show.

The images:

Well, that’s most of ’em.  The rest are either redundant or of lesser quality (!) so I won’t burden you with them.

My next flowers are likely to be the Smith and Mount Holyoke Bulb Shows, hopefully with something else in between for a breather.

Lichen It! April 3, 2011

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As the snow disappears from the ledges and stone walls which abound in New England, the Little Things plump up in preparation for their Spring growth surge.

Lichen adorns a chunk of granite in a cemetery wall east of Amherst, MA.:

Soon the mosses will do their prehistoric best to get their freak on – Film At Eleven!  😉