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King Of The River! February 25, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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We have a Resident Eagle who makes regular appearances circling our yard, and is a frequent sight cruising along the Deerfield as we drive into town.  It’s appearance is usually fleeting, and I seldom get a chance to break out my camera.  I’ve gotten in the habit, though, of driving with Gizmo set up on a tripod in the passenger seat… “just in case,” you know.

Well, yesterday I got lucky – our Eagle had landed, and even though it wasn’t close enough for a real “keeper shot,” it was across the river from a place where I could pull over without stopping in the travel lane (not always the case on Route 2.)

So, of course, I did just that, and got off this shot:

It was pretty heavily screened by brush and branches at roadside, but thanks to the magic of a large aperture, I dissapeared ’em!

I wanted to wait for this magnificent bird to take flight, but alas, I had an appointment to keep, and miles to go before I could sleep.

So I hit the road reluctantly, determined to keep an eye out in the days ahead.


1. eileen - February 25, 2011

So how often do you come across eagles? I have never seen one. I live in Philly. We do have a single batch of hawks at the Academy of Natural Science. They have had two batches – I’m sure it’s something else. It’s neat to follow.

2. jomegat - February 25, 2011

I was leading my youth group on a canoe trip down the Merrimack four or five years ago when we saw several eagles circling – and then two of them locked talons and spiraled down. I never for the life of me thought that I would see that live and in person. It’s the sort of thing you expect to only see in a nature documentary on PBS or something.

3. littlebangtheory - February 25, 2011

eileen, I might see this one once a week – I think it’s around here more than I am! There are other nesting pairs in the area as well.

jomegat, that’s pretty cool. Even watching this thing just fly is cool, it’s big and powerful.

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