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King Of The River! February 25, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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We have a Resident Eagle who makes regular appearances circling our yard, and is a frequent sight cruising along the Deerfield as we drive into town.  It’s appearance is usually fleeting, and I seldom get a chance to break out my camera.  I’ve gotten in the habit, though, of driving with Gizmo set up on a tripod in the passenger seat… “just in case,” you know.

Well, yesterday I got lucky – our Eagle had landed, and even though it wasn’t close enough for a real “keeper shot,” it was across the river from a place where I could pull over without stopping in the travel lane (not always the case on Route 2.)

So, of course, I did just that, and got off this shot:

It was pretty heavily screened by brush and branches at roadside, but thanks to the magic of a large aperture, I dissapeared ’em!

I wanted to wait for this magnificent bird to take flight, but alas, I had an appointment to keep, and miles to go before I could sleep.

So I hit the road reluctantly, determined to keep an eye out in the days ahead.

On The Ride Home. April 22, 2010

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Took the slightly longer way home today, down along the Deerfield river, looking for flowering trees at the river’s edge.  Instead I found a young bald eagle rending a rainbow trout up in a big oak tree:

I was screened from it by enough branches to be able to watch it for a while without spooking it.  Unfortunately they also obscured the eagle, but hey, I tried!

Thanks to Gizmo for this one, propped up as he was in my driver’s side seat.

Our National Bird. January 9, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

They’re big, they’re bold, they’re beautiful.

And they seldom settle down, so I felt lucky to snag this one with my point-and-shoot:

Above the Deerfield river in Charlemont.

Long may they live.