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Good Morning! December 17, 2011

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Sunrise along the Mohawk Trail, Route 2 in Western Massachusetts:

The big bronze elk at the Veterans’ Memorial at Whitcomb Summit:

The snow is mostly gone from the high country for now, but will doubtless return soon.




Friday Kitteh Blogging! December 12, 2008

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Tonight, Elkitteh:


That’s “The Elk On The Trail.”  It’s a life-size bronze, erected “…in memory of the ELKS who died in The War.”

That was in 1923, when “The War” had only one meaning.

I took this a couple of days ago, well short of a full moon, which happens to be tonight.  But the skies aren’t cooperating tonight, so here’s my anticipatory moon shot:


It’s cheezy as a “moon shot,” but as a reminder of the sacrifices which people make for the idea of America The Free, it does the job.