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Dairy Cows, . July 8, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death, Politics and Society.
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Dairy cows lined up behind a fence, expecting (demanding!) to be milked:

The farmer showed up on schedule ( these grrrlz were a bit ahead of him,) dropped the electric fence, and lead a bovine parade up the road to where their udders would be relieved of their burden.

These local dairy farmers work really hard for their bread, with NO days off, obscenely early and late hours, and not a lot to show for their Herculean efforts.  Consequently, they’re dwindling in numbers, and soon, if we don’t all pay attention, all of our dairy products will come from large corporations.

Monsanto manufactures the BGH which makes these shy beasties produce more than the normal amount of milk, but also makes them prone to infections.  Hearing of problems with their genetically-modified milk producers, Monsanto commissioned a study, which concluded that their Bovine Growth Hormone injections for dairy cows resulted in a significant amount of blood and puss in the milk we drink, the milk we feed our little children.  Monsanto addressed this problem by buying the study and burying it.

I’m not gunning to ruin anybody’s day with this kind of news, but rather trying to help us all understand what we’re up against, and how directly it affects us and our families.

Support your local farms, lobby the FDA for tighter controls on GMOs, and resist corporate take-over of our daily lives.

Your children thank you for getting aboard this train.

Thanks to Elliot for this shot; I got the swing wrong and missed the focus on the Dear Ones at photo right, but got a really productive depth of field right down the middle.  I see hand-holding “snapshots” with a tilt-shift lens as kind of a crap shoot which sometimes achieves my goals, sometimes comes close, and sometimes falls flat on its face.  In this case I came close, and the result is more than acceptable.


1. Frau Biergut - July 9, 2012

Technically, the delivery of bst to cows is not a gmo food. That involves modifications to the beast’s (or plant’s) genetic material and is passed onto the offspring as an intended outcome.

The danger from bst is that it stimulates the production of a protein called insulin like growth factor (IGF). This is the protein responsible for the increased milk production. It is also one of the few bovine proteins that is identical to the human version. One of the amazing things about this is that we also do not digest it, so it goes right into our bloodstream and circulates until we excrete it, still undigested. While circulating it does to us just what it does to cows, stimulate breast tissue to produce milk.

Ok, so why is this bad? IGF is implicated in causing certain breast cancers. It’s fairly well established in the literature and there are therapies aimed at fighting these cancers being developed. Needless to say, Miz Lu and I only buy bst free dairy.


2. littlebangtheory - July 9, 2012

Excellent info, Frau B., thanks! Yeah, I know milk isn’t quite a GMO food, but modern American dairy cows are so genetically modified (by selective breeding) and so amped up on bst and antibiotics… what’s this world coming to?? Big-legged cows and big-titted chickens, and corn even the BUGS won’t eat!

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