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Weekend Roundup. June 12, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Another week of water over the damned, as they say.  Here are a few images culled from the pile, before I retire this ol’ ‘puterbox in favor of This Year’s Model.

Wild mustard beneath a Dr. Seuss cloud:

An old wooden truck bed being recycled by lichen:

A monobow descends over the hills of Bernardston:

The Bridge of Flowers in full bloom:

The local planting season swings into high gear:

A little rain does nothing to slow these folks down.  God bless the farmers!

The first cutting of hay came the third week of May, earlier than usual:

And here’s a view from Shelburne’s High Ledges at sunset, looking back at the Deerfield river running through Charlemont:

There are a few other shots from the week which may yet see daylight, but they’ll be coming atcha from a newer computer (once I get it figured out!)

Later, Peeps.


1. jomegat - June 12, 2011

Lovely shots as usual! Good luck with the new computer. It always takes me a while to feel at home with a new machine.

2. littlebangtheory - June 12, 2011

j, Thanks. I’m a slow learner, so the luck will be appreciated. 🙂

3. susan - June 13, 2011

They look perfectly wonderful from this computer box. Best wishes for training your new one.

4. eileen - June 13, 2011

The colors are so brilliant. I envy your talents, camera and scenery. I live in Philadelphia and use a small digital Nikon. Your colors have taught me to think about color differently in my surroundings, and lift my lens up and capture the colors of the city as reflected in exquisite garments. Of course, it’s tricky “capturing” people. I’d be leery too of some stranger taking a photograph. But I think I like this direction.

5. noodleepoodlee - June 13, 2011

The Bridge of Flowers looks amazing! Good luck with the new computer. Thanks for the beautiful walk through the flowers and across the fields.

6. littlebangtheory - June 13, 2011

Thanks, All. Eileen, I too am shy about photographing people. Perhaps if I worked faster I’d be more inclined to ask, but for now, landscapes don’t glower back at me!

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