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Rock Climbing At Farley Ledge. June 13, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in climbing, Love and Death.
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Here are a few shots of my friend Tim climbing at Farley Ledge in Erving, Massachusetts.  I’t’s a drive for him, but well worth it; the rock is superb, and the routes are plentiful.

This route’s steep, requiring both grip strength and body tension; Tim has both.

Starting out:

A  little bit higher:

And steeper still, ferreting a way out through the roof of stone blocking his path sunward:

The low light made for some really grainy pictures, with a sharply curtailed ability to capture any action.  But I got what I got, and it is what it is.

And later, an attack on a differently steep bit of rock, one where the wall didn’t rear up into an absurdly steep plain, but rather overhung gently, compactly, offering only small, sloping holds:

This stretch of rock, with it’s shallow, rounded holds, proved substantially more challenging, requiring a level of perseverance which weakened my knees:

Tim worked hard to get up this one as I, an observer, sweated bullets.

I’m hoping to get back into this game as my shoulders allow.  Meanwhile, I’ll just be a reporter of it.


1. sherry - June 14, 2010

i love those rocks.

2. Paul in ABQ - June 15, 2010

My stomach knots when I see folks doing this but they are awesome photos.

3. littlebangtheory - June 15, 2010

Paul, I used to do lots of this, but as I haven’t in a few years, it ties my stomach in a knot as well

But still, I’m looking to get back into it. We’ll see how that goes.

4. timothy Murdock - June 20, 2010

my stomach is in knots until I get back on those rocks.

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