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Florida, Massachusetts. January 10, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Perhaps my favorite town, not just for its name, so unlike it’s presence, but because it lives up in the clouds.

It ain’t easy, living up there in the hills.  Passing clouds freeze on any exposed surface, coating the landscapd in atmospheric ice:

It’s a wonderland, but it’s also a harsh place to live.

Florida, as I saw it on a recent day.

A cabin in the woods:

A Florida skyline bathed in a patch of sunshine:

…and my favorite shot, a Gizmo-eyed view in close, which is basically why I got the thing:

Good shot, Mr. Gizmo.



1. Sylvia Kirkwood - January 11, 2010

OMG! Those are so incredibly gorgeous! That surely has to be a different world! Absolutely exquisite, CR! You surely took my breath away this evening! Thanks for the beauty. Have a great week!


2. sherry - January 11, 2010

oh wow!!!!

3. sjjessop - January 12, 2010

very beautiful pictures! If you take a walk behind that little cabin, there is an alignment tower for the hoosic tunnel that is still sorta intact and very cool to see.

4. littlebangtheory - January 12, 2010

…and right now it’s a well-packed snowmobile trail, making it easy walking!

Thanks for commenting. 🙂

5. angie - January 12, 2010

what a great day

6. M&R - January 12, 2010

Love your photos, we’re Florida fans too but not as gifted with the camera as you are! We cabin it near the end of Moore’s Road and look out at Spruce Mountain. It’s the reason we moved out this way from Boston tho’ never expected to leave the city yet hear we are 10 years going….

7. littlebangtheory - January 12, 2010

M&R, welcome (10 years late!) to The Berks. You’re in a particularly unspoiled corner of the place, complete with extreme weather and all the solitude a body can stand!

I spend as much time as possible in Florida and Monroe, so perhaps we’ll pass each other one day. I’ll be in the silver Toyota 4runner, with the tripod set up on the shoulder of the road. 😉

8. M&R - January 16, 2010

We’ll certainly watch for your 4runner and your tripod on our travels along the ‘trail!

9. Dennis blair - January 29, 2010

I lived up on Moores Rd for about 3 years and I will tell you I have never never been so much at ease or tranquil since I left.Dennis Blair

10. Dennis blair - January 29, 2010

I still tease my family and tell them when I get old and pass on I wish to be placed on the top of Florida Mountain by the old church. I wish that there were more Jobs close by I would have never left!!

11. TheCunningRunt - February 1, 2010

Dennis, good of you to stop by. What a small world, eh?

As for tranquility, Florida tops the bill. And spending the next hundred years by the Florida Church sounds downright, um, restful.

…that is, provided they plant you below frost line! 😉

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