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A Slow Month For Moons. February 23, 2011

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February has been a less than, um, stellar month for moon-shots in these parts.  It’s not quite that I didn’t get any,  but rather that Her Fullness eluded me.

I stopped taking these monthly curses personally when I read that, statistically, the days and nights around the full moon were more likely to be cloudy, the weather unsettled.

This makes some sense to me – the exact opposition of the sun and moon (which is necessarily the case for the moon to appear “full” from the Earth) creates more extreme tides in our oceans (other factors such as storms being equal,) so why shouldn’t it affect the ocean of air surrounding us?

So I’ve quit being surprised when it rains or snows on my Full Moon Parade or the horizon is shrouded in mists right as I’m expecting to juxtapose a big round fattie against a jagged spruce skyline, and have made it a point to get almost-full moonrises a couple of days before and moonsets a couple of days after the Blessed Event, such as this one of the Very Gibbous Moon over a hillside in my hometown:

…That way, if the weather stinks at full, I still have something to look at!

That one is courtesy of Gizmo, my 400mm L-Series Bad Boy.

By the way, moonsets during the first few mornings after Full are easier to catch (weather permitting) and set up for, as you can see the moon ahead of time and plan accordingly!

Just in case you wanted to know.


Ruby Tuesday – In The Snow. December 7, 2009

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A pre-dawn shot of a fella shooter.  Lizz Bartlett on the bank of the Deerfield river, capturing a gibbous moon:

…and a shot without the human element, and thus sporting a more dilute rubiness:

I know, that’s stretching the envelope a bit, but it’s what’s cookin’ this week.

For more (and more pronouncedly) ruby photos, stop by Mary’s place, Work of the Poet.

Waking To Snow. December 6, 2009

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Went to bed last night with a light snow falling, and woke to a blanket of white.

My housemate Lizz is an early riser, and a dependable pre-dawn go-getter, so of course I had no choice other than to be up at the crack of black with the intention of being “in position” for the impending sunrise.

We chose a spot along the Deerfield river and headed out.  The air was bitter cold, and I was prepared to suffer for my art, as I’ve yet to locate my winter hats and gloves, MIA over the last two months of moving, unmoving and removing.

Don’t ask.  It’s complicated.

At any rate, we arrived at our destination in the thin light of a gibbous waning moon and a sun not quite ready to rise.

A short tromp through ankle-deep snow gained us the river’s edge and front row seats to the birthing of a December day:

The sky was merely adequate to warrant our efforts, but one makes the call early, then gets what one gets:

Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but some days as I’m totally busy driving to work the sky does much more amazing things.  I chock these mornings up as personal gifts, inexplicably not meant to be shared.

Hey, I don’t make the rules, I just deal with them.

At any rate, Lizz and I shot ’till the light came up and the color faded:

By then my fingers were getting a bit club-like, and my camera battery was dying, as I’d been using a power-sucking “live view” camera feature to assist in focusing Elliot, my TS-E II lens.  Lizz was ready to keep going:

…but I was ready to get going, so she graciously acquiessced.

See some of this amazing lady’s amazing work here.  Click the “portfolios” tab at the top and prepare to be amazed.

Thanks, Lizz, for a great morning out!

Swing. November 30, 2009

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Over the Connecticut river, on the fringe of Northampton:

…with a waxing gibbous moon:

These were taken with my Canon Powershot Pro I, which has proven to be a dependable little point-and-shoot.