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A Blue Christmas. December 26, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Uncategorized.

It seemed appropriate for this time of year to go looking for the light, and I did.

I drove a good bit this afternoon, and had the roads virtually to myself.  Even when turning around to revisit a view which I’d just passed, the driveways I used seemed untraversed.

It was a pretty solitary experience, and entirely of my choosing.  I’ve just been feeling that way, except for a Christmas Eve spent in the company of Frau B and Miz Lu, and culminating in a sleep-over.

I gotta say, Jesus loves an electric blanket, and who am I to argue?..?

Anyway, I slept late,  rose to an excellent cup of coffee, hugged my hostesses and headed out with my camera, as is my wont.

The most savable image of the afternoon is this:


There was a layering of light here which doesn’t quite translate onto this kind of page, but also a blueness in the air, which I thought odd for a Christmas Day.


1. Sylvia Kirkwood - December 26, 2008

Such fragile, delicate colors! Beautiful clouds! Glad you had a fun sleepover! Happy holidays!

2. littlebangtheory - December 26, 2008

Thanks, Sylvia, and the same to you! 🙂

3. Linda - December 27, 2008

And look…No Snow! What’s that like? Great pictures. Have a great weekend.

4. littlebangtheory - December 27, 2008

Linda, there’s snow here, but the wind took it down out of the trees, so it doesn’t show in that shot.

Sounds like it’s a bit snowier where you are, though. 🙂

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