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Images From The Weekend January 27, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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A granite boulder in a meadow in Savoy:


A meadow with birch and alder, Savoy State Forest:



1. dcup - January 27, 2008

Beautiful pictures, as usual, C.R. That blue sky is stunning.

Those trees make me long for my redtwig dogwood that I left in Illinois.

2. FranIAm - January 28, 2008

Due to some massive craziness going on for me, nothing bad, just demanding, I have not been around.

Holy crap man- your posts and your photos and that damn food are enough to make me weep. And also to get in the car and come over right now!!!

Sadly I can not, but I am thinking of you and in awe of your blog. I loved reading about the daughters heading off to their schools. Boston is insane. I have driven in Italy… I will not drive in Boston. It is, as the Bostonians would say – wicked crazy.

I loved reading it all although I feel your SAD pain, I love how you continue to push and transform yourself through words, food and pictures.

You are my hero. And BTW, someone is writing about you and rather nicely!

3. littlebangtheory - January 28, 2008

Slander! SLANDER!!! I’ll have none of it!

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