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Easing Into Summer. June 28, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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So the Solstice came and went, and it still doesn’t feel like summer here – it’s been raining for most of the past three weeks, and it’s too cool yet for swimming or going around bare-footed.

But the seasons are indeed changing.  The woodland wildflowers, so prevalent in spring, have faded into memory, and the blossoms of summer populate the fields and roadsides.

It makes for easy shooting, with our roadside fields and meadows providing as much color as the most inaccessible of spots might.

So here are some lazy shots from local roadsides, heavy on the wildflower mix and light on context.

The Mix:

Windsor roadside

Daisies, red clover and yellow hawkweed dominate this aggregation of blooms.

More of the same, but heavy on the  orange hawkweed:

roadside in orange

Ragged Robin and orange hawkweed add flecks of color to this cloud of tiny white flowers:

more wooden guardrail

…which I don’t know the name of.  My Audubon guide has several near-matches, but no clear identification.

And lastly, a cluster of white yarrow is offset by a few dianthus:

yarrow and dianthus

Just thought I’d share these before they hit the Recycle Bin – my ‘puterbox is so crammed full of this stuff that it no longer wants to take my downloads!