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Calling All Angels May 20, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, Politics and Society.

Because I need your help.

I’ve engaged a small troop of guys who see things very differently from you and me, and I think it’s because they’re operating in a different paradigm. They know, or at least believe, something different from what you and I know and believe.

And to some degree, I think they’re lacking information. Because you know, they seemed like decent people, deeply concerned about the future of their families and our Country.

So I’m digging deeply to find informative, progressive, non-inflammatory sources of The Truth ( as I see it) which I can share with these guys, to maybe help them see things more nearly as I do, as you do, as we believe it to be.

So who can you point us to, sources of progressive thinking, hyperbole free, insult free, without snark, without condescension, something an other-minded individual can read and digest without choking on it?

Because these guys are patriots, Americans, and our neighbors. And they’re trying to do right by their families, their neighbors, them selves.

Can we help them to see what we understand?

Link me to any Truth you can think of which doesn’t disrespect these people’s reality, so I’ll have something more to share with them this Saturday than my own biased understanding of How It Is.

I know it won’t be easy; I’ve eliminated most of my favorite links because, I’m sorry to say, they fail the “neutrality test.” My blog-o-hood is pretty fired up, and not necessarily receptive or kind to differing viewpoints.

Do we need to rethink this approach in order to reach others who aren’t yet seeing it our way?

I know, it’s complicated and difficult. That’s why I can’t do it alone.

So link me to your best Velvet Shots and wish me luck. I’m SO not a natural born diplomat, being most commonly a snarling little prick, but this seems important enough to warrant trying to get beyond that.

I’m hereby officially calling all my blog-friends to make an effort on behalf of this project: