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Atonement February 28, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.
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After two meals of Ravioli in Chipotle Cream Sauce with Mushrooms (hey, I always cook with left-overs in mind) I found I’d gained two pounds in two days!

Hey, that’s what happens when you pour a pint of heavy cream over mascarpone-filled pasta and EAT IT.

Anyway, being at the scale-crushing weight of 126lbs makes me feel stiff and bloated and, as Pigboy Crabshaw used to say, “Ah cain’t fit into mah brazier no mo’!”

So it was time to get back to some sensible meals, like a hearty organic salad.

I know, “hearty” and “salad” aren’t always uttered in the same breath. But trust me, if you put enough of The Goods in a big, BIG bowl, you can go to bed looking preggers and get up ready to seduce the world.

The Goods:

A bag of organic… oh hell, it was all organic! Mesclun greens, grated carrot, fresh tomatoes, red onion, a yellow Italian hot pepper and some shaved fennel, providing a deep, comfy bed for a generous double handful of curried cashews and white raisins, topped with lots of freshly shaved Manchego cheese:


…and finished with a creamy ranch dressing.

OK, so I cheated. But it was all fresh and raw and organic, except for the cheese, which was made with “naturally raised” sheep’s milk. Whatever that means.

Oh, and I ate two of them, the contents of a large mixing bowl. Went to bed stuffed, woke up feeling on top of the world.

With wood.

Funny how salad does that to me.