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Winter At Last! December 27, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Last weekend we had a taste of wintry things to come – frozen ponds:

Plainfield, Snow

…snow in the hill towns:

Spruces in Windsor

…and roads obscured by blowing snow:


I slid off that one going about twenty MPH (not at this exact spot) and did a nose-plant in a six foot ditch. Coulda been worse; I threw it in 4 wheel drive and kept going. The incident added to the deterioration of the lower plastic panel on my front bumper, which needed replacing anyway.

Hey, everything still works and I’m not injured in the least, so that’s a great outcome for a zero-friction event!

This morning, though, was the real  start of winter:

Snowy Morning

We got upwards of a foot of this beautiful stuff. Looks like Susan and I are going snow shoeing!  🙂

When it came to shoveling our cars out, my younger daughter Ursula (visiting from Boston) was a champion:

Ursi Shoveling

The snow was somewhat heavier than we’d hoped and stuck annoyingly to our shovels, but we toughed it out long enough to get the cars cleared with enough clearance for our plow guy to handle the rest.

Thanks, Ursi, and Thank You Father Sky!  😉