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On The Cusp Of Autumn. September 24, 2012

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Well, it’s that time of year again.

Last year’s Fall Foliage Season was disappointing here in Western Massachusetts – August’s Tropical Storm Irene devastated our rivers and roads, and the colors never really materialized.

So I’ve been looking forward to another chance to shoot Nature’s Rainbow this autumn, so much so that I had to jump the gun and hit the road – we’re just getting started with the show here in Charlemont, but I expected things to be farther along north of us, and at higher elevations.

My housemate Lizz hit New Hampshire’s White Mountains this past weekend for an early-season recon, so I went northwest to New York’s Adirondaks.

It’s still early there as well, but up in the boreal forests things are starting to happen.

Route 73 through Keene Valley is a beautiful drive:

A scrim of roadside birches and the occasional pop of color guard the dark mysteries of the great North Woods:

This area, too, is rebounding from the ravages of Irene, as witness the many full-size trees felled by the amazing volume of water which raged down this roadside cascade southeast of Lake Placid:

The “highway” follows a beautiful rocky river, with side tributaries offering visual delights to those willing to go for a short walk:

Moss and ferns festoon the many boulders strewn about the largely cedar and maple forest:

It’s a very rugged part of the State, far removed from the more widely known urban canyons of NYC, and offers great rock climbing on ancient granite, such as Washbowl Cliff:

…here coming into and out of the light as gathering storm clouds boil by. I was fortunate to catch these roadside sugar maples in a patch of filtered light.

Yes, it’s early, but it’s going to happen, a Real Northeastern Fall Foliage Season, albeit perhaps a bit tempered by this summer’s drought.

We shall see.  😉

All of these shots are courtesy of Ollie, my Canon 24-105mm f/4 L-series lens, except for the shot of the waterfall which Gizmo reeled in from perhaps half a mile away, in the rain!

Thanks, Guys!  🙂

Falling Waters. June 17, 2011

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It’s been a rainy week here in Western Massachusetts.  Not full-on rainy, but rather, storms blowing through most days:

Lots of these anvil-shaped summer storms, lots of morning fogs.  Lots for the farmers to be thankful for as the planting season swings into high gear:

Streams which are frequently dry this time of year are cascading down from the hills:

…turning things pretty verdant:

Those last two shots were taken on Mount Toby in Sunderland; the next two are of Black Brook in Savoy:

…on a rainy afternoon after work:

Beyond the forest’s edge, the flowers of the fields soaked it up, exploding in riots of color:

…with daisies reaching up past red and yellow hawkweeds and clovers, toward the eventual sun breaking through steely skies:

If we get a modicum of sun over the next few weeks, this will be a stellar growing season.

But then, this is New England, so we’ll get what we get.  😉

Thanks to Elliot for most of these shots, and Ollie for the rest.




When All Else Fails… July 24, 2008

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…there’s always (well, not always ) The Water Shot.

The mountain stream:

Or maybe a little cascade in the woods:

Baby animals can save the day too, but I don’t have any.

Along The Road February 9, 2008

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It’s snowing again today, which pleases me greatly, but the combination of “flat” light and a camera-killing cloud of swirling wetness made the day less than productive.

I managed to play Slide and Seek with a small-town snow plow to get this shot up in Rowe, wrestling an umbrella onto my tripod, working both ends of a bungee cord with one hand, praying for a lull in the breeze so the umbrella wouldn’t take my camera for a catastrophic ride.

I managed this:


I’m working on my water shots these days, so ‘scuse me if I get a bit repetitive.

A Very Fine Day October 22, 2007

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So today went pretty well for this purportedly lost soul. I slept in a bit (I’m usually up fairly early for work,) then hustled up into the hills in time to see the mist rising off the Deerfield River:


Then, energized by the cool, crisp air, I kept driving all the way to Mount Greylock, highest point in the state (3,491 feet. I know Phy, I’m a flatlander!) Took the Money Brook Trail to just short of its intersection with the summit auto road


It was beautiful, and cool enough to make me want to hustle to keep warm.

Then back home to the valley, where it was… SHIRT-SLEEVE WEATHER!


So off I went to Salmon Falls, ten minutes to the East and a very nice spot on a warm afternoon:


Aahhh, lying in the sun with the sound of the falls sending the troubled world packing. It’s a beautiful place, famous for its glacial plunge-pools (a.k.a. “The Pot-Holes.”)


I noodled around there ’till the air cooled and the sun’s rays slanted perceptibly, then headed for higher ground in time for a memorable sunset:


No camera tricks there folks, just point and shoot.

There are worse places to be alone.

Yet More Reasons Why I Live Here: June 18, 2007

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‘Cause it’s purdy:


…and it’s cool here when it’s hot out…


And because there are enough of us progressives here so that I don’t feel like a Stranger in a Strange Land.

I’m a lucky guy.

More of “Why I live Here.” June 5, 2007

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Karen, one of the brave few who have graced my little site with a visit or two, got me thinking about waterfalls. Don’t ask. 😉

Anyway, here are a couple of shots I took the other evening at Tannery Falls in Savoy, MA. The light was fading, so I had to resort to a tripod and long exposures:


I kind of like the effect.


And thanks for the tip, Beatgrl. I hope these loaded faster. I’m e-tarded, but I’m trying.