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A Detail. January 6, 2013

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Sorry to have been absent – life, as you know, intervenes.

Anyway, here’s an abstract of water flowing over rocks, taken earlier this winter season at Dunbar book:

Dunbar Detail Blog

There are many things about this photograph which please and intrigue me, none of which are easy to explain. And as it’s late, I’m just going to let you fill in the blanks.

Reflections. May 9, 2012

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Here are some shots of reflected scenes, now that the wind has finally  died down.

From North Pond up in Savoy, red maple catkins viewed through an evening fog:

The muted forest amplified itself in the tannic waters:

Up the shoreline, three locals drank beer and waited indifferently for the fish to bite.  One of them, seeing my camera, put down his Budweiser and mooned me.  But I was too slow to inflict that horror on you, and just got this view of the “action:”

And lastly, a shot from this afternoon, of a sunken walkway at the edge of a pond in New Hampshire:

It was far less foggy, but the composition caught my eye.

I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed finding them.




When All Else Fails… July 24, 2008

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…there’s always (well, not always ) The Water Shot.

The mountain stream:

Or maybe a little cascade in the woods:

Baby animals can save the day too, but I don’t have any.

What A Beautiful Day! March 6, 2008

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Ah, the sun of late winter! So frequently absent, but when it graces us with its unfiltered presence, it’s always a Command Performance.

With ambient temperatures below freezing this morning, the sun nonetheless warmed things up nicely.

And it’s a real mood-lifter for me, so I thought I’d take a few pics to share with you.

Morning Sun up in the hills:


Mid-day sun down by the river:


(…and a little self-portrait action while I was there…)


And a late afternoon shot of Shelburne from the Buckland side:


Next weekend, after switching the clocks ahead, it will really feel like Spring!

About Water March 4, 2008

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OK, so it’s getting to be a longish winter and I’m getting tired of white.

And just in time, there’s a change in the air – even when the temps drop, the sun is beginning to exert itself a little, and the south-facing slopes are releasing their season’s catch of liquid gold:


Water plays a key role in bringing Spring, and in birthing my heart into a new cycle of life. Its kinetic energy, rushing from cloud to sea, rolling and tumbling, leaping, countless collisions stripping untold electrons, a natural turbulence scratching a primal itch:


Water has a surface which both deserves and defies knowing. It has a pulse, a rhythm, informed and sculpted by the stone over which it flows.

I’m enjoying this turn toward Spring, watching the water, noticing its surface, seeing how it’s formed and shaped by what’s beneath it, trying to hold the stone and the surface in a single, fluid thought:


But in the fading twilight, the two become one, merging, surrendering, consuming each other, as it was in the beginning, as it is here and now:


Amen, Sister Water.


The Longest Season December 10, 2007

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This came to me as I took my Sunday Walkabout up in the woods of Monroe, in a foot of powder snow at the beginning of December.


So you bought that piece of Heaven

Up in the hills, did you?

Where Spring comes in Summer

And Winter in Fall?

Well I hope you like The Longest Season,

‘Cause Buddy, you

Just married it.