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Vernal Pool. April 21, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Here are two shots I took last evening of a Vernal pool in Shelburne.

It was nearly dark as I drove past a reflection in open woods.  Being me, I stopped and backed up to see what I had nearly missed: a Vernal pool choked with fallen leaves.  I set up rather quickly, as the light was fast disappearing, and snapped a couple of quickies off…  well actually, “quickies” is relative; the set-up was quick, the exposures were long – 15 and 30 seconds long.

First, a color shot in landscape orientation:

…and second, a black & white portrait:

Both of these shots were inverted before “printing,” as you can tell if you study the details (such as the leaves floating in the upper corners.  This is more obvious in the color shot.)  The B&W is my favorite; it somehow “feels” very old to me.

I was pleasantly surprised that these came out, as it was nearly dark and difficult to focus.


Wild And Wooly! May 6, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Took a quick run up Mount Negus this evening (well, part way up) to see if the vernal pool had anything interesting goin’ on.  I was thinking along the lines of wildflowers or moss treasures, so I had Ziggy, my 50mm macro lens, on the camera.

Turned out there was something interesting going on, of the fur-bearing variety; but by the time I got changed over to my 400mm telephoto lens the wind had shifted, and all I got was the “Buh-Bye” shot:


So long, Ms. Bear.  I’ll be back.

The wildflowers weren’t happening, but I got a shot of the pool, full and dark and deep:

negus vernal pool

And on the way out, this little guy munching happily away in a tree top:


“You cain’t awlways git what yew waaant…”

…but I’ll take it.