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Ruins. December 11, 2011

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In the Great Southwest, they have Spanish mission churches with their roofs collapsed, ghost towns with their tumbleweeds, corrals overgrown with cacti.  They make compelling images for photographers who can get there.

But I’m not there; I’m here in New England, where the ruins of the industrial Gold Rush pock the landscape, bleak and beautiful in their fall from grace.

The walls of a former factory in Turners Falls stand defiantly in the last light of day:

This was a collaboration between Elliot, who contributed considerable “shift” to turn the vanishing-point-effect into a statement of this structure’s weight, and Photoshop’s ability to convert an image to black and white and emphasize portions of the color spectrum.  The skies were sub-optimal but still worth pushing the button.

To avoid signs and fences, I cropped this to a 4X5 aspect ratio (is that what the Big Boys call it?)  I would have climbed atop my vehicle and simplified the process, but I was on a one-lane, one-way bridge and didn’t think that was the polite thing to do.

This is a venue I hope to return to a little earlier in the day, when the skies have something more to say and this north-facing facade has a bit more light on it.

Flood Stage! April 19, 2011

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Snow melt in the North Country (VT and NH) and rain down in these here parts are swelling the Connecticut river to flood stage, and even though the flood warnings are targeted at areas an hour or two to our south, it’s still pretty impressive to watch it all flow by on it’s way to the sea.

Below the Turners Falls Dam, the Great Falls Bridge spans a maelstrom of frightful foam and crashing waves:

Apparently I missed the highest water, if these piles of logs and lumber cast up on the rocks like bloody bones are any indication:

I was awed by the thunder and glory of it, even as a steady rain mixed with the mists blowing down the valley to the ocean far below.

Roll on, Great River, roll on!

The Prodigal Guy… December 20, 2010

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…returns, after several days without internet service (during which I rudely ignored your kind comments) followed by a couple of days away from home, and now heading into the happy maelstrom which is Christmas.  Balls have been dropped, as I’m sure many more will be before we rest with our errands run and our bellies distended.

And then, of course, come The Resolutions and The Gym and the Long Night which is Winter in these parts.

But for now, a quick update:

We’re back on line, with two dead modems, a bone to pick with Verizon, and a butt-load of Cape Cod photos to process (from the “couple days away.”)

But the processing may take a little time, and there’s a total lunar eclipse tonight (weather permitting) and I’m trying to get some dinner made to gird my loins for a three AM foray into the night to see it, so I’m not promising too much tonight other than this pre-Cape-trip photo of a Turners Falls church reflected in Barton’s Cove at sunset:

I dug how the flaming clouds hung below the startlingly blue dome of the sky.

Anyway, I’m hoping to hoover some Mexican chicken and work on photos ’till 3am, and if I get something in presentable form before The Moon Thing happens I’ll post it.

Otherwise, this is “G’night!”


A Whole Lotta Watta! April 3, 2010

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Flooding has recently been pervasive here in the Northeast, and the Connecticut River grew mighty with the recent rains.  Here are a few shots from this past week.

The Connecticut as it flows under the Great Falls Bridge between Gill and Montague:

…here with the fish ladder in the foreground, ferrying salmon and shad to higher waters.

The dam itself is massive for these parts, catching and releasing stupendous volumes in the Spring:

…not to mention (though I shall) the flood shunted down Turners Falls’ great canal:

That’s actually a several-second exposure of a quite-turbulent scene.  Funny how Time mellows such things.

And speaking of “mellow,” we could all take a page from the Gulls’ Playbook: Chill!

I’m experimenting with Elliot here, so bear with me if things come out suboptimally!