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North Adams, MA October 26, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, Politics and Society.
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Drove into work this morning in the dark, through mists and fog, to arrive at North Adams, one of the Commonwealth’s smallest cities.  Dawn revealed a tableau of sad shops, proud steeples and under-utilized factory buildings:

North Adams was known world-wide as “Tunnel City,” sitting as it does between the infamous Hoosac Tunnel to the east and this shorter tunnel to its west:

An eerie mist drifted from it’s dark maw as the sun struggled to burn through the gray blanket above us:

The Hoosac River runs through town, tamed by an Industrial Age concrete channel:

The Autumn colors make the place look almost hopeful – in fact, the sprawling Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, occupying the old Sprague Electric plant, is a ray of hope, drawing both tourists and stimulus dollars for roadscape improvements:

This afternoon the sun came out, illuminating a scene of ridiculously red maples beneath a deep blue sky:

The day ended warmly, with tee-shirts all around.  There won’t be many more like this one until Spring.

Good evening, my friends!