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72 Things Younger Than John McCain. September 27, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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Imagine the Herculean task of trying to whittle this list down to just 72 things!

But Joe Quint did just that for his new book by that title.

Included on that list are

Duck Tape!

Chocolate chip cookies!

Roll-on deodorant!

OK, so it’s a stick.   Props are spendy these days!

Also on the list, though I don’t have pictures of them, are Area Codes, the Jeferson Memorial and Social Security, Bwaaahahahahaaaaa!

So is this ageist?  Yup.

But is it relevant??

You bet your ass it is, when your Vice Bimbo President is a Fundie Nutcase Douchebaguette who wants the Zombies For Christ to eat your brain.

Ouch!!!  I hate it when that happens!