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…And Some Other Flowers. May 2, 2009

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The trees are greening up, and the forests and fields are dotted with color.



Trout lily:

trout lily

Dutchman’s breeches:

dutchman's breeches



…and some elegant little white guys which I used to know the names of, though I’ve forgotten:

white something-or-others

That shamrock-shaped leaf was relevant to its identification, but I’m not inclined to look it up right now.  I have sunflowers to pot and dinner on my mind.  😉

My Li’l Buddies! April 19, 2008

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Finally, some local color – the Spring wildflowers are popping in the valleys just a bit south of here (where I’ve been working this past week.)

Colt’s Foot along the Westfield River:

Bloodroot in a nearby field:

…and a solitary Trout Lily growing at the edge of a rural lawn:

Welcome back, little ones – you’ve been missed!

This is my contribution to FranIAm’s Flower Roll Call post and its memeage-mimicking infectuosity!