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A Walk In The Woods. January 7, 2013

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I sprawled in the snow to take this:


My sweetie Susan helped me up and brushed me off.

GAWD  I love that woman!  🙂


A day In The Saddle. May 3, 2012

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I got skunked in my efforts to show my photos to a chef/owner of a restaurant in Amherst this morning, and spent the hours ’till my next appointment driving around West-Central Massachusetts in a foggy drizzle.

I guess I could have just gone home, but the atmospherics of the day spoke to me, and I listened.  It’s a weakness of mine, you see.

So, here are a few shots from my rambles.

An orchard in the mists of South New Salem:

A lone maple along a farm road in Northfield MA:

…and the dazzling roots of a golden birch up in Savoy, positively glowing in the dim light of a drizzly May afternoon:

I hadn’t set out to photograph trees, but apparently that’s just what I did.

Those shots were, in order, from Elliot with two degrees of lens swing to get the apple trees all in focus; my 16-35mm L-series lens to capture the maple from my running boards; and Allie, my 24-105 zoom for the golden birch, with heavy polarization and a hand-held 3-stop ND filter.

More from this day after I get some sleep.


Another Tree Shot. April 22, 2012

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Here’s a pair of oaks in an incestuous embrace:

I’ve photographed these trees before, but it’s been a few years now, so I thought I’d revisit them.  This photo needs work; now that I have a sense of what atmospherics I’m looking for I’ll be back to shoot it again until I get it right.

This shot is courtesy of Elliot, with about one degree of tilt.  I was lying on my side with my head down hill and my face squeezed between the camera and ground, so the composition was a bit rushed.

Still, the verdant mossy bark gives it an other-worldly feel, and I like it well enough to keep trying for the money shot.

A Mighty Oak. March 27, 2012

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Along side a country road in Shelburne, a great oak stands sentinel over a pasture:

Its position up against a piney hillside made it hard to photograph with any clarity of form, so I did a bit of a walk-about to get it silhouetted against the afternoon sun:

It’s a magnificent specimen, fully six feet through in its trunk, with an eighty foot crown:

I bet it’s old.

These are courtesy of my 16-35mm L-series lens, one of my favorites for getting close to really big things.  I don’t use it enough, and this shoot reminded me of how much I like it!

My Morning Drive. April 2, 2010

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This morning the moon was out, contemplating setting in the west, scooting behind hills and reappearing as I drove.  The river was rising around me as it does when the nights are cool and damp and the day dawns clear.

I caught the moon as it ducked too slowly behind a hemlock-clad hill:

…and the risen river of vapor as it stole silently across the fields, embracing and releasing trees,

…rising in undulating strands up the enclosing hillsides as the sun also rose:

It was a hasty juggling act, the river fog taken with my point-and-shoot shoved out the passenger side window, the moon lassoed by Gizmo, propped up on the driver’s side mirror.

My work schedule is the antithesis of flexible, so it was all very rushed.

Still, it was a better-than-average ride to work.

Rime. January 5, 2010

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Rime ice, a deposition of super-cooled mists onto the surfaces of below-freezing objects, is a common winter spectacle in the local High Country.  It’s sort of a cross between wind-blown snow and freezing rain, and it’s brought in by low clouds blowing through the hills.

This big spruce looks from a distance as though it’s covered with snow (and down low it is:)

…but a close-up of the upper section of the tree reveals the magic of rime:

A surprise visit from a patch of blue encouraged me to snag a couple more “tree shots,” one of tall trees along the road:

…and this, a group of maples at the apex of Tilda Hill Road in Florida:

That’s Florida Massachusetts,  I probably didn’t need to mention!

Next post: frozen rivers.  🙂

A Few Images From My Week November 25, 2007

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Partridge Berry and Sphagnum Moss


A Pond in Plainfield


…and that’s all! 🙂