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Trees in Hawley. January 8, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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A later-than-sunset shot of a treeline along side a cemetery in Hawley.  I’ve usually gone there to photograph grave stones, but tonight I saw this bigger picture:

This is kind of the yang  to my last post’s ying, if you see what I mean.

Our January landscape is still suspended in mid-stride.  It’s cold, but not bitterly so, and the rivers and lakes are unusually open and unfit for travel.  There’s no snow outside of pockets in the high valleys, and no snow in the forecast.  The prospect of beautiful photos of winter seems to have been postponed until another year.

But then, winter isn’t over, and we’ve been surprised with late-season dumps before, so I’m not entirely ruling that out.

It’s just that I’m not counting on it.