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Ruby Tuesday – Non-Thematic Edition! September 14, 2009

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Tonight, a Meme Without a Theme.

OK, maybe it has a theme, but if so, it’s a mystery to me.  Despite prior protestations to the contrary, I’m whoring out a jumble of photos whose only commonality is that they have something red in them.  It’s not my best work, either as a blogger or as a photographer, but it’s RED, DAMMIT!

🙂   I like red.


Flowers on the Bridge of Flowers:

Bridge of Flowers

You have to look at this view every time I have to go to Shelburne Falls to do my laundry.  Call it “shared sacrifice.”

Another returning subject, on accounta I work in that area on a semi-regular basis, The Thompson Memorial Chapel in Williamstown:

Ruby Chapel

While the Japanese maple in the lower corner allows me to claim this as a “ruby” photo, it’s really a Fun With Elliot photo.  Elliot’s my new toy, a funky lens which allows for perspective adjustments, e.g. the elimination of the vanishing point which ought to apply to this tower.  The result feels to me like a visceral sense of the structure’s mass.

I know, that’s TMI for a Ruby Tuesday post.  Time to shut up and show you the rubys.

American amaranth on a farm in southern Vermont:

American amaranth

…along with a bajillion othe kinds of flowers in shades of red ruby, and the odd pumpkin.

Closer to home, (!) sphagnum moss getting in touch with its Inner Rubys:

moss with rubys

Rubiliciously lush!

And at the risk of being labeled a One Trick Moose, here’s another moose loose on the streets of Bennington, VT:

Ruby Moose

Unlike most of the moose-art on display thereabouts, this one was unlabeled, so I call it Self Portrait with Moose.

The nerve, eh?

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this fun meme, and go visit if you haven’t, there are lots of ruby things to see every Tuesday!  😉