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Winged And Dangerous November 23, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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They got away before I could get their picture, but I swear.


There were four of them, jogging across the road in the snow-filled dusk.

I didn’t recognize them, and around here we recognize everyone, whether or not we know their names.

Foreigners, I’d say. With long beards. Looked like trouble, and just in time to desecrate an American High Holy Day, Thanksgiving.

They hunkered down in a hedgerow as I passed; then, when they realized I intended to stop, they took off running.

All except the biggest one, musta been the leader. He fell back, taking up the rear, and with a defiant sneer (I hadn’t realized beaks could do that) he raised a wing and gave me the feather.

If those Damned Democrats get elected, these bastards are gonna eat us alive.