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Tannery Brook. July 24, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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My recent excursion to Tannery Falls in Savoy, MA made me long for a return visit a bit earlier in the day, and this being so accessible to me, I indulged myself and went back yesterday.  Here are two more images I thought might be worth sharing.

First, a cascade in a deep cleft above the main falls sees no direct sunlight other than this late afternoon blessing:

…and a cairn built in the pool below the main falls catches similar late-day light:

That one is courtesy of Elliot, with 3+ degrees of swing imparted to his objective eye.

The water flow here is minimal at this point, though that’s subject to changing with the weather, and will doubtless increase as Autumn paints the place in shades of gold.

Not that I’m looking forward to Fall or anything…


Experiments With Water. July 11, 2011

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Actually, experiments with absurd camera settings, mostly because I can.  😉

Here’s another shot of Tannery Falls, taken at last light, but still with a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second:

I didn’t want the water to be a silky sheet, but rather to retain some of its inherent “splashiness.”  (Holy cow, spell-check swallowed that one!  )  I got this image by booting the ISO up to a totally ridiculous 28,600 and begging my Canon 5D’s in-camera noise reduction to save me from my impetuousness.  It’s certainly not a “keeper” shot, but it was fun to experiment.

Here’s another way to go, ISO 100 with a long exposure, and Elliot tilted 1.5 degrees to lay down a plane, and converted to black and white (’cause it’s art,  you know):

I’m getting a little discouraged by WordPress’ rendition of these photos; the original is really crisp, and a lot of my stuff gets lost in translation.

But hey, I’m whining, so it must be past my bedtime.  😉


Tannery Falls. July 10, 2011

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I got up to Tannery Falls in Savoy this weekend, hoping to find running water and verdancy in the fading light of evening.  There was nothing much happening in the sky, and I figured a deep-woods outing was my best bet for some interesting photos.

I was right, sort-of.  I was late enough so that the low light was an issue, and I lost a lot of detail.  Still, it gave me a chance to push my camera’s abilities, and I played with some absurdly high ISO settings.  The results were mixed; there are  limits, after all.   😉

Anyway, here’s a smaller falls passed on the walk in; it’s an Easterly branch of flow which joins Tannery Brook just below the main falls:

The streamside stump first caught my attention there, and I wanted to get a close-up of it with the falls behind in focus as well, so I tilted the bejabbers out of Elliot, with satisfactory results.  Actually, sideways “tilt” is more properly referred to as “swing,” so let’s call it that.

This shot was the more traditional vertical tilt, giving much more depth of field than I would have otherwise gotten in such low light:

That was taken from about a foot off the water’s surface, allowing me to lay the plane of focus down on the low snags and still get the falls viewably sharp.

Farther down the trail I descended a long flight of stone stairs and turned a corner to see the main Tannery Falls:

It was bigger than I  had remembered it to be – perhaps ninety feet or so – and looked surreal in the dimming light.  I half expected to see a band of Hobbits descending the wooded path on the opposite bank.  😉

I’m loving this steamy summer weather, while dreaming of how this place will look in its Autumn finery.

That’s all for tonight.