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Cape Cod Lights. December 21, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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From Saturday, a trip out to the Cape with Miss Lizz driving.

Frau B. woke me at 4am (again) and we headed east.  She knew just where she was going, and I was glad I wasn’t driving – it’s just not my neck of the woods.

A couple of hours and two big coffees later we pulled into Woods Hole just in time to catch twilight and dawn at Nobska Light:

That thirty second exposure sees Venus (in the upper right) transit enough to look oblong.  I’d like to see that as a much longer exposure, with Venus leading the star tracks across the deep blue sky.

Nobska Light was decorated for the season:

…as were, we would soon find, most of the lights we would encounter on our meanderings.

The coastline here is tall and proud and still rocky enough to build bulwarks of bullet-proof granite to forestall erosion:

Farther out the Cape is not much more than beach sand, in fact a terminal moraine left from the last Ice Age.  We’ll see more of that in a subsequent post.

Lizz had gone off ahead, and was getting set up for The Sunrise Moment when I caught up with her:

I was trying to capture some wave action, but this locale was a bit too protected by Nantucket to offer very much in that vein:

Finally His Highness made a dramatic entrance:

Not as much high cloud action there as a “nature photographer” might wish for, but still, I think, enough to justify the 4am start.

More to come from the other end of the day, out at the other end of the Cape!