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The Last First Supper January 17, 2008

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…With one arm, that is.

Tonight, white-fish fillets sautéed in Miz Lu(Mina)’s stewed tomatoes and peppers and onions and LOTS of black peppercorns:


…over American Basmatti rice.


Dinner With Hector December 31, 2007

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So I was hungry, and I looked in the fridge, and there was this pasta from a couple of days ago. Better eat that, I thought. Being laid off doesn’t lend itself to throwing away food.

So I popped open a jar of Miz Lu(mena)’s Totally Organic Stewed Tomatoes with Hot Peppers, Garlic and Basil and spooned some on my Spicy Red Pepper Linguine and went straight to heaven, without stopping at Death.


Friggin’ look at that. A little grated cheese on top and we’re having Groinal Spasms right there at the dinner table.

Thanks, Miz Lu!