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Iraqi Stew! October 26, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.
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The time finally came to dig up my spuds, planted in the Spring from some semi-gone-by organic units which a local farmer had left on the sidewalk outside a local store, with a “Take Me, I’m Free!” sign. I had never grown “Polish Truffles” before, but the price was right, so I took ’em and planted ’em and forgot about ’em.

And tonight I remembered ’em and dug ’em up! This here’s the haul from the single plant I axed tonight:


Easily ten pounds, I swear!

Then I got to thinking, “What have I ever made with ‘taters beside home-fries?”

The answer: Iraqi Stew!

This is a dish I learned to make from a friend of mine who’s originally from Baghdad. (As an aside, this brilliant man, a professor of Linguistics and African Francophone Literature, now hides his origins for fear of persecution in The Land Of The Free.)

Start by browning a bunch of chicken (which would more likely be lamb in Iraq) with lots of garlic and a heavy dose of curry powder (I know, “curry again?? Can’t help it. I like curry!) Add potatoes, onions and carrots and some stewed tomatoes (these were put up this season by my Ex’s boyfriend 😉 ) and simmer for, oh, hours. I added the fresh green beans toward the end of the cooking time ’cause I’m a “Health Nazi” and wanted something green tonight.

The result:


Delicious on a chilly Autumn night. Enjoy!